Life Is Strange 2: Episode 1 Will Release On September 27

After the success of the first game, Life is Strange is returning for the second season with Life Is Strange 2. Life is Strange is a graphic adventure game published by Square Enix and developed by the Dontnod Entertainment.

After Life is Strange in 2015 and its prequel which launched in 2017, everyone has been waiting to hear more about the upcoming games from Dotnot Entertainment. It’s now been officially revealed by Dotnot that Life is Strange is coming to all platforms this year.

Some time ago, Square Enix revealed in a press release for the farewell of Life Is Strange: Before The Storm that the team is working is working on it and will reveal the next chapter in the series in the upcoming months, so time has finally come.

This was revealed by the team in short clip of 20 seconds by not revealing more than the name of the game and the release date of the first episode which is September 27.

Just like the first game, Life is Strange 2 will come as a series of 5 episodes which involves intense teen drama the game is known for. There’s no clue who’ll we will get to play as or what the story is about yet.

We hope to hear more about the game soon and it’s great to see one of my personal favorite game title come back with a sequel. The game focuses on telling a story with a narrative and the first one was unique with Max Caulfield having the ability to rewind time.

Dontnod revealed a few months ago that their Life is Strange title has sold more than 3 million copies which is another reason for the team to bring the next game to the people as it’s been a long time.

Other than that, The Adventures of Captain Spirit was announced by Dotnot at E3 which is free to play and takes place in the same universe as Life Is Strange.

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