Should You Buy Venigni’s Krat Landmark Guide III In Lies of P?

Cats always look out for themselves.

Black Cat and Red Fox are two NPCs that you will meet at multiple locations in Lies of P. If you are relationship with them is friendly, Black Cat will offer to sell you a book for just 500 Ergo. For the completionists, this book in Lies of P, titled Venigni’s Krat Landmark Guide III, might be a tempting offer. But should you accept Black Cat’s offer and buy the book in Lies of P or not?

Where to find Venigni’s Landmark Guide III in Lies of P

As mentioned before, the book is sold by Black Cat. However, calling it a book might be a stretch as it is just a ripped-up version of it with only a few pages. To find Black Cat, you need to make your way to the Venigni Works Control Room Stargazer. You will find Black Cat and Red Fox in the open just before the control room.

To get to the location where you can buy Venigni’s Landmark Guide III from Black Cat:

  • Go straight ahead from Workshop Union Culvert
  • Turn right and keep going until you reach a red door. Be careful to dodge the fire boulder.
  • Go inside and press the button on the platform at the end of the path. (Turn back and turn left in the path in the corridor if you want to get the hidden moonstone.)
  • Come out to the main path again through the red door and go ahead a little bit. A wall will break on your right in this path.
Where to find Venigni's Landmark Guide III in Lies of P
  • Go inside and emerge out in an opening with a balcony on your left.

Here on the balcony, you’ll find the Red Fox and Black Cat. Now, you can purchase the book from Black Cat if you want.

Should you buy Venigni’s Landmark Guide III from Black Cat?

Absolutely not! While 500 Ergo may not seem much, Black Cat is a sneaky fellow. He is basically selling you a scam instead of the actual book. If you buy the book and read it, you will find out that it isn’t the original Venigni’s Krat Landmark Guide III but instead a fake that Black Cat wrote himself to dupe customers.

Before you buy the book, you get a warning which tells you that this is a forbidden book and should be reported. That is a pretty big red flag already. Some of the text on the torn-up pages of the book itself will also make you realize your folly if you buy it. Lines like

  • This guide was made with the support of the Red Lobster Inn.
  • You were warned, but you’re reading a forbidden book! You’re a bad person!

So, while Black Cat might not be a bad person, as you will find out later, he certainly did try to dupe you into buying a fake book. I would be wary of him if I were you.

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