Lies of P Throwing Objects: What Each Item Does

A different type of ranged combat.

Besides performance-enhancing consumables and loot, you will also find various throwing objects in Lies of P with varying degrees of combat utility. These throwable items offer a variety of benefits that can greatly help with encounters. Whether it’s picking off troublesome groups one by one, fighting entire groups simultaneously, dealing with elite mobs or bosses, etc., throwing items can help you in a pinch.

Using these throwing items can save you a great deal of frustration when you encounter a wall you really don’t feel up to dealing with in a conventional manner. While they usually won’t be ending encounters for you on their own, the utility the throwing objects in Lies of P provide can help you in tough fights.

Thrown items and their uses in Lies of P

Lies of P offers a solid plethora of thrown usable items that can bolster your combat effectiveness greatly. Below is a list of all these throwing objects you can obtain in Lies of P, as well as their effects and uses.

Sawtoothed Wheel

A simple throwing item, the Sawtoothed Wheel can be thrown to hit an enemy for a little bit of damage.. The offensive application for this tool is low even in the early game, but it does offer great utility beyond that.

Since it is a common Throwable item in Lies of P, you can buy it from Polendina in Hotel Krat and stock up on plenty for the low cost of 100 Ergo per piece. Later in the story, the NPC Test Subject 826 will sell these at an even lower price of 60 Ergo a piece. As such, you’ll never be short on hand for these, and the carry capacity is high.

Early mid-game, you can use the Sawtoothed Wheel as a baiting tool, allowing you to draw the aggro of one enemy in a group or near some elite mob. Lure them to you one at a time instead of engaging in an all-out brawl.


Beyond that, towards the mid-game, you will find special Carcass enemy types that are immobile and unable to attack but create a decay mist that occupies a set portion of the area. They tend to be accompanied by groups of enemies, and trying to account for both threats simultaneously can be a hassle.

A Sawtoothed Wheel can fix that quite easily. These enemy types die from a single hit regardless of damage, so you can use a Sawtoothed Wheel to kill them from a distance and clear the poison in the area for a bit, allowing you to pass by and engage the active enemy mobs with a clear focus.

Saw Blade

The Saw Blade thrown item acts as a direct upgrade to the Sawtoothed Wheel. Not only does it sport higher base damage, but it also deals multi-hits, thus boosting its DPS capability and making it more viable as an offensive item. However, on account of this newfound strength, the only tradeoff is that you can carry less of these around compared to the Sawtoothed Wheel, and one Saw Blade costs about five times as much.

Sharp Pipe

The Sharp Pipe comes with the unique property of being able to continue its trajectory even after hitting the initial target, thus allowing it to hit subsequent targets behind the initial one. This makes it quite a suitable item to use against groups of enemies moving towards you in a single file, especially in narrow hallways.


This throwable item explodes into flames on impact, dealing fire damage to an enemy and building up the Combustion status, which is especially useful against organic opponents.

Fire Canister

Rather than being thrown, Fire Canisters are simply dropped forward lightly. The benefit of the Fire Canister is that it creates a small pool of lingering fire that continuously damages enemies who remain in the pool while you yourself are immune to it. It is especially good if you find yourself ganged up by multiple enemies and want to create a situation where you can turn their packing together tactic against them.

Throwing Cell

A throwable item that deals Electric damage, which deals additional damage against Puppet-type enemies.

Electric Blitz Canister

Drops a Canister that explodes upon impact, creating a small pool of lingering Electric Blitz that continuously damages enemies who remain in the pool while you yourself are immune to it.

Carcass Body Fluid Bottle

A throwable item that deals Acid Damage. Acid is particularly useful in destroying enemy weapons and reducing their offensive potential. Excluding Carcass-type enemies, the ailment is quite good against a decent chunk of the enemies as it deals poison damage over time as well as having good stagger build-up.

Acid Canister

Like the Fire and Electric Blitz Canisters, the Acid Canister in Lies of P is also simply dropped onto the ground rather than thrown. The only difference is that this item creates a small pool of lingering Acid that continuously damages enemies who remain in the pool while you yourself are immune to it.


A bit of an outlier compared to the rest of the thrown items on this list, the Chains have a very poor range, essentially equivalent to that of a melee weapon. However, an attribute unique to this item is the fact that it can stagger enemy mobs and cause them to turn to the side.

For weaker mobs, this means a chance at a Fatal Attack from behind, while for slightly tougher mobs, it causes them to waste time realigning their sight on you, giving you a chance to get some hits risk-free.

Shot Put

A heavy-duty cannonball. What makes the Shot Put so unique is the Stagger damage it deals, allowing you to build up a stagger break quickly. Not only that, but you can use the Shot Put in place of a charged attack to trigger a stagger break on its own.

This is especially useful when you find yourself in an unfavorable scenario where the enemy is either too far or in the middle of a devastating attack, preventing you from getting in close to go for a charged weapon attack. The Shot Put throwing object can work in such a case, allowing you to trigger the Stagger Break from a safe distance, especially against fast-moving enemies.

Cluster Grenade

The Cluster Grenade creates a small lingering field of shrapnel that continuously damages opponents caught within. While it doesn’t have the benefit of triggering a status ailment like the canister items listed before, the shrapnel deals some good stagger damage and can cause opponents to flinch as the hits stack on.

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