Lies of P Testers Liked Its Graphics The Most

Lies of P had a playable demo at the G-Star event this year, and the studio just posted findings from a survey on their Twitter.

Lies of P, the upcoming Souls-like from Neowiz Games and Round 8 Studio, had a playable demo at this year’s G-Star 2022 event. Today on Twitter, the game’s official Twitter account went into detail on the feedback that the demo got over the course of 4 days and nearly 4,000 players.

3,821 participants went through the Lies of P booth over the course of the G-Star event, over a full third of which had never played a Souls-like game before. The vast majority of players also felt that the game was well-balanced, which speaks well for Lies of P’s gameplay style.

The chief draw to the game, however, according to the survey, was its graphics. More players mentioned the graphics as their main draw to the title than any other category, though the game’s action and characters were also big draws besides its graphics.

Lies of P is a re-imagining of the classic Pinocchio fairy tale, as the city of Krat finds itself ripped apart by not only a devastating plague, but also a machine uprising. Pinocchio must fight his way past mad robots and humans in order to find his creator, Gepetto, and find out what it means to be human.

There have been a number of pieces of gameplay of Lies of P before now, where the game’s stunning visuals have been on full display alongside its intense Soulslike action. The graphics also help to show off the vast array of different weapons that Pinocchio can use, ranging from swords to spears to axes and even a number of more advanced weaponry.

Despite the demo and trailers, Lies of P still has no concrete release date other than the vague window of 2023. However, with the Game Awards happening tonight, December 8, we might very well get a new Lies of P trailer that actually shows a release date among the many other trailers that might appear. Until then, however, all we know is that it will be releasing on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PC, Playstation 4, and Playstation 5.

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