Bethesda Levels Up Barter And Offers Fallout 76 Canvas Bag Replacements To Bamboozled Fans

The Fallout 76 Canvas bag debacle has been the center of attention for quite a while. For those not up to date with the whole topic, here’s the incident. Bethesda has amended the issue now though. As evidenced by this here tweet:

So right, to sum it up, the Fallout 76 Special Edition had a few goodies alongside the base game itself. Those included a power armor helmet prop, as well as a Canvas bag. The latter, however, was then changed to a cheaper nylon bag during the shipment process.

This casual switcheroo that consumers weren’t informed about until receiving the package sparked an outrage. Tweets and shade at Bethesda being thrown from all angles.

The company explained that the change for the Fallout 76 canvas bag was made to cut costs. Albeit a reasonable excuse, still wrong to do without informing paying customers.

The bag switch was especially bold (and stupid) considering the timing of it. Since the whole controversy went down around a time where Bethesda was facing a lawsuit.

It also didn’t help that their initial idea of compensation was 500 Atoms to whoever purchased the Fallout 76 Special edition. For those that don’t know, Atoms are the in-game premium currency. 500 Atoms equated to just about 4.99$. Yeah, that’ll definitely make up for the 299$ spent on the special edition.

Hopefully, Bethesda is quick with the newfound compensation. It’s unclear when exactly the Fallout 76 Canvas bags will be dispensed to the bamboozled customers, but at least it’s confirmed for now. Or so we’ve been told.

Fallout 76 has had quite the chaotic launch, to say the least. The game isn’t even watchable for most people, let alone playable.

The gameplay was so hated by the community that it was what initially sparked the lawsuit threat in the first place. Since fans of the series as well as new players both felt cheated out of a good gameplay experience.

It’s even worse when you realize that a lot of content was reused and rehashed from previous Bethesda games. Such as Skyrim assets for the final boss of Fallout 76.

Regardless of all the glitches and lack of NPCs, a bad game still isn’t necessarily grounds for a lawsuit. False advertising is, and that was the case with the Fallout 76 canvas bag.

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