How to Level Up Heroes in DOTA Underlords

The strength is in the numbers in DOTA Underlords and thus the more the number of units in your team, the merrier the whole situation. Progression in such a way is tied to leveling up in the game. In our DOTA Underlords Leveling Guide below, we will discuss acquiring new units for your team and leveling up existing heroes in DOTA Underlords.

Level Up Heroes in DOTA Underlords

Acquiring new units in DOTA Underlords is done by earning enough XP to progress to a higher level. XP is obtained via regular battles against AI opponents or otherwise. Alternatively, you can also use your ‘Gold’ to bypass the hard work of earning XP and recruiting a new unit straight away.

Going with this method, it will cost you x5 Gold and all you will have to do is to click the ‘Level up Badge’ on the top-right corner of the screen.

The number of units, at the end of the day, decide if you are up against a stronger or weaker opponent. This information is displayed on the left end of the screen that highlights the Player Level and the health pools of his team units.

Alas, also another crucial factor decides imminent victory for a team. It is the star-levels for current units or heroes.

A three-star hero always has both a higher DPS and overall health pool so they are more menacing on the battlefield. When it comes to stats, each level up doubles the damage and health of the hero so it is definitely worth upgrading the card.

The actual process of upgrading these heroes is fairly simple. For a single 1-star hero to be upgraded to a 2-star hero, you will need to stack the desired hero with two more units of 1-star each.

Simply put, three 1-star heroes combine to form a single upgraded 2-star hero.

The same goes for the final level, a 3-star hero. You need two other 2-star heroes who, together with the desired hero that needs to be upgraded, will stack up together and form a 3-star hero.

The more expensive the units that go into the upgrading process, the more valuable the upgraded hero is.

The process happens automatically as long as you meet the requirements so you do not have to go in manually and combine the hero cards. With all of the benefits listed above, there are some drawbacks or at least one major issue.

The tier level for a hero determines the amount of Gold you will need to spend to upgrade them to a 2 or 3-star card.

For tier 4 and above, this amount can easily exceed 30 Gold since you will need to spend gold for both refreshing the store listings for the cards as well as purchasing them.

Moreover, spending Gold on upgrading a hero to the max instead leaves you short on resources when it comes to filling up units on the bench in the actual battle.

You will always need to fill the empty spaces with a new unit so it is wise to keep some Gold for that purpose. This is useful because a full bench will grant you the Alliance buff which plays a decent role to bring about favorable results.

Therefore, in short, upgrading heroes is encouraged because of the higher stats and attributes, but only for certain tiers since it will become rather resource-costing and expensive.

You are better off not spending too much on upgrading tier 4 heroes or above and instead focus on the entire team and upgrading them sufficiently.

This is how you can level up heroes in DOTA Underlords. If you have anything else to add, be sure to let us know!

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