How to Level Up Fast in Marvel’s Ultimate Alliance 3

In Ultimate Alliance 3, the *characters that you unlock* during your levels and missions need to be leveled in order to be more useful during combat. When you unlock a new character, it will be on a low level and to level it up, you need to apply some methods on them. Learn everything you need to know about how to level up fast in Marvel’s Ultimate Alliance 3.

Level Up Fast in Marvel’s Ultimate Alliance 3

In Marvel’s UA3, the XP Cubes can be used on some characters to increase their XP but on some characters, it just has a very little effect on their XP. You can use your XP Cubes by going on the “Start Option” and choosing the “Team Menu”.

You can view your character’s stats here. You can use the XP Cubes by pressing Y. Your XP Cubes, once used, cannot be brought back so use them only on the characters that you really want to play with further.

Characters in UA3 have their own XP level so increasing one’s level will have no effect on any other character.

Grind Infinity Trials
When you are sending your characters to the *Infinity Trials*, you can team up the characters that you want to level up with more experienced characters and send them to the war.

It is a very easy way to increase a hero’s level by a high amount. In just a couple of levels, you will increase your Hero Level fairly fast.

These are some of the ways you can use to increase the level of your heroes in the game. However, once again, use them on the characters that are your favorite and you absolutely want to use them further in Marvel’s Ultimate Alliance 3.