How to Level Up Fast in Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance

We will be showing you how to level up quickly in D&D: Dark Alliance so you can start focusing on new upgrades for your characters. In Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance, you get to level up your character to level 20 and get cool skills, abilities, and more each time you level up.

How to Level Up Fast in Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance

Leveling up in D&D: Dark Alliance is achieved separately for all characters. You can utilize certain aspects of the game to get all four of your companions to the highest possible level.

Complete the Dungeons in Short Time

The fastest way that you can level up in Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance is that you speed through the levels, by ignoring the hordes of enemies and going straight to the final boss fight.

This way, you don’t get to waste your time doing optional objectives or getting secret items from the level. You do get experience points by completing optional objectives and defeating enemies on your way, but you need to upgrade your character quickly, not earn XP points.

You can ignore the enemies and keep moving forward as they are not programmed to chase after you. If you really want to engage in combat, kill the enemies in two or three hits. If it is taking you longer to kill the enemies, don’t challenge them or lower the Challenge tier.

The best level to level up fast is the Goblin Tower. You can play it with four players but in case you are playing it at the highest difficulty level, you should go with three players. Just run straight to the boss and defeating it to gain a good amount of EXP and Gold. You will level up pretty quickly with that.

Play on Higher Challenge Levels

As you progress through the game, the Challenge Levels will increase. The higher the Challenge Level is, the more quickly you will level up and you will get more XP points. Enemies will be stronger and boss fights will be harder to complete.

The six challenge levels available for you in the game are Adventurer, Hero, Guardian, Champion, Legend, and Ascended. Play on the second-highest Challenge Level that is available to you so that the combat is shorter and you still earn more level points on completing the mission.

Play With Your Friends

The last method that you can use to level up quickly is to play online mode with your friends. You get XP bonus points for playing with your friends and it is much easier to get through the levels. Plan with your friends accordingly and communicate your way through the missions to earn level points quicker.