LEGO: The Hobbit Schematics Locations Guide

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Bring out variety in Dwarves’ Land by finding all Schematics and craft your own Gear. Finding all Schematics in the game will also award you with the Laboring in the Villages of Men Trophy/Achievement.

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LEGO: The Hobbit Schematics Locations

I would recommend unlocking the Necromancer which will allow you to break open the Mithril Bricks.

Necromancer can be unlocked by traveling to Dol Guldur and completing two quests which can be acquired from the insides of a large Black Gate.

You will also need some explosives which can be gathered from the very start of Out of the Frying Pan level.

Story Mode

Mithril Bomb Blade
Location: Flies and Spiders
At the very beginning of the level, you need to climb a high ledge and kill the large spider. After that, break open the door in front of you and grab the first Schema.

Mithril Mirror Armour
Location: Greatest Kingdom
When you are in the Mining Areas, shoot down arrows in round-yellowish objects and swing to the wooden platform to get this Schema.

Mithril Tornado Axe
Location: Unexpected Party
While in the backyard of the Bilbo’s House, you need to have a character on the Belly-Bounce Pad and feed him to full. Once you have done that, jump on his belly and grab the Schema from the tree branch above.

Mithril Warhammer
Location: Azog the Defiler
You need to use Necromancer and enter the dark cave in the rocky platform to get this blueprint.

Mithril Fishing Pole
Location: Roast Mutton
At the very beginning of the level, you need to break open the dark cloudy chest to get this Schema. I will recommend using Necromancer for this purpose.

Mithril Skeleton Crank
Location: The Troll Hoard
At the very beginning of the level, you will see a dark area with two blue ‘?’ on each side. At the entrance, there will be a small sand dune containing the next Schema.

Mithril Flail
Location: Over Hill and Under Hill
This one is also located at the beginning of the level. You will see two spots (Circled Golden-Yellow Objects) for your arrows. Place in your arrows and swing along to reach the broken wooden bridge to get this Schema.

Mithril Claws
Location: Goblin Town
At the very end of this level, you will see a target for your Slingshot; high in the ground. Hit the target three times to get the Schema.

Mithril Music Kit
Location: Out of the Frying Pan
During the section when you are supposed to climb a tree, you will see a white breakable wall towards the east side. Break it and grab the Clank from the south-west side (sand dune).

Insert the Clank in the machinery and the Schema will reveal itself.

Mithril Multi-Bow
Location: Queer Lodgings
Outside the small house, you need to save a small animal (squirrel) by using a Wizard and the Schema will drop down from the tree.

Mithril Pickaxe
Location: Barrel out of Bond
While preparing the barrels, you will see a barrel on the west side with Mithril Bricks attached to it. Pull out the Golden Handle and the Schema will reveal itself.

Mithril Booty Blade
Location: Warm Welcome
At the very start of the level, you will see a rope dangling from the ceiling. Jump up to climb the rope and you will see the Schema.

Mithril Giddy-Up Staff
Location: Looking for Proof
You will come across a section with dark staircase. In this area, in one corner of the staircase, you will come across a LEGO Goblin Brick Wall. Climb it up and you will see it.

Wraith Armour
Location: The Necromancer
You will come across three arrow spots (Golden-Yellow Circles) on a tree. Throw in your arrows and swing up the tree to grab this Schema.

Mithril Hammerhands
Location: On the Doorstep
You will come across several wooden platforms in the air with their levers on the ground. You need to get to the very last wooden platform and shoot your arrows in the Golden-Yellow Objects to swing to the Schema.

Mithril Firework Bow
Location: Inside Information
You will see this Schema lying on the pile of junk during the last section of the level. Just put on the ring with Bilbo and you will get it.

Free Roam

Mithril Stud Spade
Location: Stud Spade
You need to fish near the camp site which will yield a Clank. Take this Clank and insert it in a small hut which will open a door containing the Schema.

Mithril Megapult
Location: Hobbiton
At the very center of the Hobbiton Area, you will come across a locked door which will unlock by hitting three color-coded objects over it. After unlocking this door, head inside and destroy the grey objects to get the Schema.

Mithril Crown
Location: Northeast of Hobbiton
You will see a small cavern entrance near the west side. Crawl through this space and you will come out of another small entrance with a key.

Grab the Silver Key and drop down to the ground. After this, you need to reveal another small cave entrance hidden by the north wall. Enter the area, use the key, and grab the Schema.

Shadow Blade
Location: East of Bree
You will come to an area with a Yellow and Blue arrows pointing in different directions.

Keep on following the Yellow Arrows and you will eventually come to an area where you will have to dig up an object. After that, get to the altar and sacrifice some of your Crafting Objects to get this Schema.

Skull Cap
Location: South of Rivedell
After finding Trollshaws, head inside a dark cave up the hill and get to the wizard platform. Use the switches to open up different paths until you see the Schema.

Rhythm Stick
Location: Rivendell
This Schema will be located at the center of the lake. Take a boat from the backside and row it to the middle area. Now use your Explosives to break open the White Chest and grab it.

Dance Boots
Location: Rivendell
The Ornate Bridge will lead you to a small training station. Go through the door and jump on the ropes to activate three switches. Once you have done it all, head to the ground and grab the Schema from a small alcove.

Mithril Beanstalk
Location: South of Rivendell
Head near the Snowman and you will come across a cave covered in Mithril. Break it open and the Schema will reveal itself.

Mithril Catchphrase Mallet
Location: East of Rivendell
Very close to the High Pass, you will see a Mithril Chest near the water which can be destroyed to get the Schema.

Mithril Slippers
Location: High Pass Rivendell
Head south from the High Pass and you will come across a tower in the water. Destroy the LEGO object using some Explosives or Hammer followed by fishing in the water. After getting the Clank, insert it in the machine and destroy the chest to grab the Schema.

Mithril Candle Staff
Location: South of Dol Guldur
While in the forest, find the cave entrance blocked by LEGO wall. Using the Ring with Bilbo, destroy the wall and head inside the cave. Next, find three keys (Dirt Mound, Target in the Tree, and Breaking the Bricks) and use them at the altar to reveal the Schema.

Mithril Construction Hat
Location: Road Connecting Dol Guldur with Rhovanion
You will come across a Goblin LEGO Wall in this area. Climb up it and plant a flower to produce the Jumping Pads.

Next, head inside the cave and alter the position of the large block by moving it to the higher ledge which will reveal the Schema. You will have to break open the chest to obtain it.

Mithril Snowapult
Location: Esgaroth
Get to the Southern Area and climb up the Goblin LEGO Wall to start a mini-game. You need to destroy most of the red flags to score a Schema.

Mithril Bandit Gloves
Location: Esgaroth
Head inside the building at the center of the town and you will come across a cage with a hook. Grab the Clank using the hook and insert it in the machinery located to the left of the staircase.

Once you have done that, hop over the Pressure Pad and shoot the displayed targets which will open up a gate. Shoot another two targets and get the key for the chest containing the Schema.

Mithril Falcon
Location: Dale
You will come across an area where Dwarves will be able to hop over each other. Swing up to find a cluster of LEGO blocks. Destroy all these blocks to reveal the last Schema of the game.

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