LEGO Star Wars 3 Red Power Bricks Location Guide

Lego Star Wars 3 has 18 red bricks for you to find during your playthrough of the game scattered far and wide throughout the galaxy. These red bricks are a shortcut if you will, providing an edge to the player over certain situations and making the game a tad bit easier should you happen to go through the trouble to find these red bricks which is where our Lego Star Wars 3 Red Power Bricks Location guide comes in.

Red Bricks can help you with earning a good amount of money, or just straight up invincibility if you will, or stud multipliers. But, there will always be a catch to an unfair advantage; most of these bricks are extremely difficult to get to, and some reliant on how far you have gotten in the story. So if you want to know how to get all the red bricks in Lego Star Wars 3, read on below.

The following guide will help you find and collect all of the 18 red power bricks throughout the game

Lego Star Wars 3 Red Power Bricks Location

#1 Red Brick Detector – Bridge
Price = 125,000
After destroying some of the boxes, unite the pieces to make a crawl space hatch and then crawl through it. You can find these bricks on the right side of the bridge

#2 Score X6 – Reactor Chamber
Price = 10,000,000
Force the power plug into the socket and then grapple to get to the brick. The plug (Purple in color) is found hanging, place it into the socket after which you can grapple onto the newly unlocked point. From here, simply walk left to find the red brick.

#3 Stud Magnet – Reactor Chamber
Price = 500,000
Find 4 big gold objects on the wall and then smash them with rapid-fire. You can find the first one above the path going north which you can get to by using grapple on the ledge. One more can be found on the other side of the ledge, and the remaining two can be found lying next to the east and west exits.

#4 Score X10 – Reactor Chamber
Price = 40,000,000
You require explosive and dark force abilities. You can find this brick hidden in the silver object near the bridge.

#5 Character Studs – Brig
Price = 100,000
Head to the brig and open all of the six cells, and at the back of the first five cells, turn off each panel by hitting it and then using the force to interact with the valve. Once all of this is done, a sixth cell will open to reveal the red brick.

#6 Score X4 – Superkit Bay
Price = 3,000,000
Move the trash can to the nearby trash compactor.

#7 Fast Build
Price = 500,000
You need to attack the punching bag 5 times found on the right-hand side of the room

#8 Glow in the Dark – Medical Bay
Price = 25,000
On the hospital bed which will be next to the lift, use Jedi Slam to lift it up, which will reveal a hidden red brick.

#9 Super Speeders – Minikit bay
Price = 40,000,000
Use Jar Jar to get to the minikit pods in the back. Then jump to the ledge close to the ceiling, right along the back wall. Now go far left and destroy the large box. The bricks that you get now, use them to make a grapple.

Now get the Heavy Weapons clone character to get to the grapple point and run to the right, break the silver box and you will find the red brick.

#10 Minikit Detector – Minikit Bay
Price = 750,000
Activate the astromech Droid control panel in the foreground. Use R2 or an alternative mech droid to interact with it and get the red brick

#11 Fast Saber Cut – Hangar Overlook
Price = 300,000
You need to shoot the three green targets in the background with a sniper. Go into the corridor and stand at the T-Junction found to the North. At the ceiling you will find the former mentioned three green target discs. Don’t miss and get the brick

#12 Score X2 – Hangar
Price = 500,000
Smash the boxes in the top left corner of the room to reveal a hook point. Grapple the hook point to get to the brick.

#13 Dual Wield – Hangar
Price = 250,000
Once you dock to the ship, simply jump out and run left. When you get to the gap that you can’t jump across, simply walk along it until you find the brick. Use the force to raise the platform so you can get to it.

#14 Perfect Deflect – Hangar
Price = 100,000
In order to raise the platform to fill the gap on the right use the Mech Droid. Then go to the vehicle dispenser and choose one vehicle which you will then ride across the bridge that you raised using the Mech Droid previously and go ahead and put it on the large orange button.

Now get a character with heavy weaponry, or a bounty hunter thermal detonator who you will be using to blow the silver cup (Behind the newly opened door) to kingdom come.

#15 Regenerate Heart – Ziro’s Room
Price = 400,000
Detach the 4 big objects hanging from the ceiling and then destroy them. Once all four are destroyed, the red brick will appear

#16 Dark Side – Bridge
Price = 150,000
You need to bring down the red glowing panel above the command console. You can do it using the dark force. Once all four objects on the ceiling are destroyed, you will get the red brick

#17 Invincibility – Ground Assault Staging Area
Price = 1,000,000
You need to activate the clone panel to the right to get this brick. As you dock with the invisible hand, go to the shop and north of your position, after coming out of the lift, head up the stairs and go to the far right side of the room where towards the front of the screen you will find a clone trooper access panel, interact with it as a clone trooper and you will find the red brick.

#18 Score X8 – Wizard’s Tower
Price = 20,000,000
Destroy the silver table present at the middle of the room with the help of a heavy weapons character.

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