Lego Star Wars Skywalker Saga All Yavin 4 Side Missions Guide

The rebels reside on the forested planet Yavin 4. Historically, that’s where the rebel flyers receive their instructions on the Death Star. You can explore Yavin 4 in Lego Star Wars Skywalker Saga, walk inside the rebel stronghold and even head into the nearby forest to complete various side missions.

In this guide, we will cover all side missions of Yavin 4 in Lego Star Skywalker Saga, including the unlocking requirements, character requirements, and rewards for each side mission.

How To Complete All Yavin 4 Side Missions in Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

Yavin 4 has 6 levels in all. Despite the large map, it’s crucial to remember that every task giver may be found on the 5th and 6th levels. Couscant’s Federal District will be your destination when trying to locate the Death Star plans.

There are 2 parts on the 6th floor. Although the map shows both on the same floor, there is an elevated section above the hanger on a different floor. Given that both Garven Dreis and G8-R3 are situated there, this is significant to notice.

Battle Above Yavin 4

Unlock Requirements:

Before starting the “Battle Above” side mission on Yavin 4, you must complete Episode IV – A New Hope.

Go through the hanger, go up the stairs, and afterward, turn left to get to the interior of the northeastern side of the map from the bottom section. Speak with Garven Dreis, the commander.

Locate Garven there in Yavin 4 Space. Please verify that you are prepared to leave when you get near him.

You would then encounter many groups of TIE Fighters. S tart taking them out one by one. After eliminating them all, remain in Yarvin 4 Space to find Garven Dreis. He is someplace in outer space drifting.


After speaking to him, the job will be finished, and you’ll get the chance to take on the role of Garven.

Woola-man’s Best Friend

Unlock Requirements:

Before starting Woola-man’s Best Friend side mission, you must complete Episode IV – A New Hope.

Walk up the stairs from the hanger and proceed to the southwestern interior of the map. G8-R3 may be found here. Use a protocol droid to communicate with G8-R3. According to it, you have to give a message to a rebel fighter.

Accept to relay the message so the mission may start. You’ll see a projection of a rebel fighter with a banana on G8-R3. You have to locate them. The southwestern part of the map is where you may find the guy you’re searching for. You must speak with him to finish the task.


You will get G8-R3 as a reward for completing the Woola-man’s Best Friend side mission.

Run Run Runyip

Unlock Requirements:

Before starting the Run Run Runyip side mission, you must complete Episode IV – A New Hope.

Two rooms are located in the middle of the 5th level. Utilizing a bounty hunter, go into the southern chamber and speak with Mon Mothma. Once beyond the wall, find the three Runyips by following the task marks. Return to Mon Mothma at this time.

She would tell you that the Runyips were subjected to a spore that has made them wild.  Find the plants that appear strange and destroy them.

The plants in the discussion are all violet and may be discovered outdoors. Two such plants are sticking out on the structure.  The final one is located in the puzzling, wooded area.

Not only do you want to get rid of them, but you also want to collect their seeds. Therefore, upon removing the plants, pass through the shining area before leaving.

Mon Mothma will inform you that a new plant is being planted once you have located all the existing ones.

Find the gang of wicked gardeners by following the mission marker to a clearing. If you kill them, Mon Mothma will come running. For the task to be finished, speak with Mon Mothma.


You’ll be able to control this illustrious rebel commander as a reward for completing this side mission.

Raiders of the Great Temple

Unlock Requirements:

Before starting the Raiders of the Great Temple side mission, you must complete Episode IV – A New Hope and travel to Coruscant – Federal District.

Interact with the Dramatic Droid on the 5th floor to begin this quest. This would alert you to the presence of bounty hunters in the nearby temple and ask you to handle them.

Nine bounty hunters will be stationed across the temple’s boundaries. Simply follow the mission marks to eliminate them. After you’re done, you can return to the Dramatic Droid to conclude the job.


You will be given the Emperor’s Royal Guard as a reward for finishing the Raider of the Great Temple side mission on Yavin 4.

Operation: Stardust

Unlock Requirements:

Before starting Operation: Stardust side mission, you must complete Episode IV – A New Hope.

Discuss with the Rebel Engineer. Grand Moff Tarkin’s Death Star blueprints are what he intends you to obtain. Go to Coruscant’s Federal District. Take a cab there, then get off at the Coruscant Senate Building.

To reach the Irate Imperial, follow the mission marker. He’ll inform you that the plans have already been taken. The burglar allegedly drove off in an AT-ST. Go towards the North Landing Platform with the help of a Taxi.

Now proceed to follow the mission marks till you are near a group of Stormtroopers. Here, you’re trying to find an extraterrestrial that has a mission sign over its head. They will be on the northwestern side of the target region.

They will deploy a smoke bomb and flee when you approach them. Go after them. They’ll direct you to the abovementioned AT-ST and get you inside. You must now battle them.

Don’t attack the AT-ST. Instead, search for the grenades close by. Throw grenades at the mech after grabbing them. The AT-ST  will collapse once you’ve struck it with 4 of them.

The Death Star blueprints will be yours to keep from this point forward. Deliver it to the Rebel Engineer on your return trip to Yavin-4.


The quest will be finished, and you will unlock a powerful Death Star.

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