Lego Star Wars Skywalker Saga Darth Sidious Boss Guide

In LEGO Star Wars Skywalker Saga, Darth Sidious is a boss you’ll face during the Senate Showdown Level in Episode 3. Also Known as Emperor Palpatine, this boss fight will have different phases, bringing a unique challenge for the player. This guide will help you cater to these challenges and defeat Emperor Palpatine as quickly as possible.

How to Defeat Darth Sidious in Lego Skywalker Saga

To overpower Darth Sidious in Lego Star Wars Skywalker Saga, the player must deal with his lightning bolts, attack him to reduce health bars, and reach the flying platforms.

Phase 1

In the first phase, Emperor Palpatine uses his strong lightning attacks. These attacks can cause serious damage; therefore, reflect or interrupt them. Playing as Yoda, the player must be very careful and wait for the crosshair to appear on the screen. Align it towards the emperor to reflect or prevent the lightning.

To avoid hits from the lightning, the player must be careful of the red circles. These circles highlight the point where the troublesome lightning will strike. Remember to keep a safe distance from these circles of death. Minor enemies will group up and try to hinder the player’s movement. Make sure to deal with them.

The rotating lightning can be dodged by jumping over it. Well-timed jumps can come in handy for the player. However, if you are not confident in your jump timing, dodge or reflect the attack using the abovementioned method.

Darth Sidious is drained out after using the lightning spin and need time to recover. This is the best opportunity to continuously attack him to reduce the emperor’s health. As the fight proceeds, Dark Sidious will also use other strong attacks to dodge them by considering the redlines and circles which indicate the point of contact.

Phase 2

The arena will become challenging in the second phase as flying platforms appear. Jump on the platforms to catch up with Dark Sidious to deal damage right away. The platforms are very small; therefore, caution is required to prevent falls.

Phase 3

Attacking the boss will deplete his second health bar. As the emperor’s defeat comes closer, he runs off to a distant platform. Chase the boss from either right or left, kill his minions on the way and then build a button to stand on its as Yoda. Ask Typho to interact with the console, and you will reach the boss’s platform.

In this last phase, draw out Dark Sidious health and fight his soldiers. Even after depleting his HP completely, the battle continues. Finally, the emperor will pull the player into another QTE, press the displayed buttons to defeat the boss, and end the fight.

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