LEGO Legends of Chima: Laval’s Journey Tribe and Location Bios Guide

Unlocking the tribe and location bios in Laval’s Journey isn’t necessary, but it’s a good thing to do when playing simply for getting the extra story exposition.

By unlocking tribe bios you get little descriptions for each of the major characters in that tribe, you learn a little something about them you didn’t know before and it’s generally a good thing to know for getting immersed into the game.

Similarly, there are also location bios to be had, which do the same for the various areas of the game. Here we’ll be listing the steps for getting all the various bios.

LEGO Legends of Chima: Laval’s Journey Tribe Bios

Lion Tribe Bio – Lion Temple Hub
Use the Chi pad near the steps to power up as a Rhino. Then, smash a rock on the other side of the steps. Switch to wolf form and follow a scent trail that takes you to this bio.

Eagle Tribe Bio – Eagle Grasslands Hub
In the bottom half of this hub you can find a puzzle where you het red switches to rotate parts of a statue. Solve it to get the Bio.

Bear Tribe Bio – Gorilla Region Hub
In the upper part of the second level of the gorilla region hub, you can find a turret that triggers a minigame. Win three rounds at it to get the bio.

Beaver Tribe Bio – Croc Territory Hub
In scene two of the croc territory, power punch a red switch to open a door in gorilla mode. Now crawl through a hatch as a nomad and select an eagle. Glide down to a lower platform where you can pick up the bio.

Croc Tribe Bio – Croc Territory Hub
In scene one of the croc territory, take a wolf right into the middle of the map, where the main road almost touches the water near some rocks. Burrow into a dig spot here to find it.

Gorilla Tribe Bio – Gorilla Region Hub
Near the place where you get a bear tribe bio is a house with some broken door handle pieces near it. Collect and assemble the pieces to open the door and find the bio.

Nomad Tribe Bio – Rhino Quarry Hub
In the second scene of the Rhino Quarry, there are two rock walls you can break in Rhino mode. Behind are switching you can flip as a Gorilla that open doors leading to the bio.

Raven Tribe Bio – Lion Temple Hub
North of where you smash the rock for the Lion tribe bio, slip into the water as a croc. Power up and pull a handle to release this bio.

Rhino Tribe Bio – Rhino Quarry Hub
In the south part of the first scene in the Rhino quarry, water a grow spot. Then, in gorilla mode, smash the rock that comes up to find this bio.

Wolf Tribe Bio – Eagle Grasslands Hub
Head to level 3 of the Eagle grasslands hub scene two. Go to the southern platform and charge attack a rock door to break it. Climb up a vine to get to a higher level and find a turret that triggers a minigame. Complete that challenge to get the bio.

LEGO Legends of Chima: Laval’s Journey Location Bios

Croc Fort Bio – Croc Territory Hub
In a building to the western side of Croc Territory scene two, use a gorilla to power punch a red switch. There will be some toxic goo you must search through as a croc. Find some pieces of a switch, assemble it, and pull it to open a cage, revealing the bio.

Croc Swamp Bio – Croc Territory Hub
Head to Beaver Village and you’ll find it in a tank near the entrance. Reconnect three sections of a water flume to fill the tank so the bio will float up to the top.

Eagle Library Bio – Eagle Grasslands Hub
Play hide and seek on Forever Rock to get this bio.

Eagle Town Bio – Eagle Grasslands Hub
You need to find four jigsaw pieces in scene one of the Eagle grasslands hub. The first is near the Chi power node to the right of the fan to Eagle Town.

The second can be fished out of the river on the dock near the puzzle as a bear.

As a wolf, follow a scent trail on the left side of the map to a dig spot, dig it to reveal a grow spot, water it to grow a bouncy mushroom. Bounce on it to get to the top of the tree to get this piece.

For the last piece, crawl through a hatch on the way to the last Chi power node. Switch to Eris and jump across clouds to get to the top of a tall tower. Follow the trail of studs to get the final jigsaw piece.

Gorilla Village Bio – Gorilla Region Hub
Below the large pool of water in the eastern part of the Bear caves, and perform a Rock On move to break open rock on the ground. Take the geyser up to the higher level and ride the zipline. Walk across a balance beam and then jump across to a small platform to find this bio.

Lion Temple Bio – Lion Temple Hub
Right in the middle of scene two of the Lion Temple hub. Get up to some awnings using a fan, then bounce on them to get even higher. In gorilla mode, bounce up to a swinging pole and swing across a series of poles to get to the bio.

Rhino Caves Bio – Rhino Quarry Hub
In the second scene of the rhino quarry, go to the top of the map. There is a crank that rotates a maze puzzle. You need to get two balls into two slots in order to earn the bio as a reward.

Rhino Quarry Bio – Rhino Quarry Hub
Power up one of your characters with Chi and pull on the handles to open a door near the south side of the Rhino quarry (scene one). Now take an Eagle and use the fan to get up to a higher ledge. Move across a Wall Run pad and use Roar as a lion to break a stone and find this bio.

Sanctuary Forest Bio – Gorilla Region Hub
In the southeastern section of the upper level 1 of this hub is a house cut off from the rest of the map. Use an Eagle to get to the house to get the bio.

Spiral Mountain Bio – Lion Temple Hub
Near the steps of the temple, in scene one, is a tree you can destroy to reveal a dig spot. Dig here, and take the switch you find over to a tree with a green pad on it. Attach the switch and activate it as a gorilla. Break open the acorn that appears to get the bio.

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