Lego City: Undercover Gold Bricks Guide

The Gold Bricks in Lego City: Undercover are a special type of collectible, of which there are a total of 450 in the game. This is of course a very daunting prospect, so only the most hardcore of gamers will want to attempt the challenge of snagging them all.

You can obtain the bricks by completing various challenges throughout the city, such as the Special Assignments, the Super builds and other such little competitions. This guide here will detail the gold brick distribution of the challenges:

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Lego City: Undercover Gold Bricks

Gold Bricks #1 to #15
These Bricks are obtained by completing the 15 story mode Special Assignments in the game.

Gold Bricks #16 to #30
You can unlock these by finding all 4 of the police shield pieces in the 15 Story mode Special Assignments.

Gold Bricks #31 to #45
These are obtained when you collect enough studs to receive LEGO City Hero honors in the 15 Special Assignments.

Gold Bricks #46 to #55
These ten bricks are hidden around the police station. Explore it to locate them.

Gold Bricks #56 to #61
These can be bought from the gold brick terminal in the police station’s basement.

Gold Bricks #62 to #450
The rest of the 388 Gold Bricks can be unlocked by playing and defeating the various events and challenges in Lego City such as time trials and free runs, water flowers, douse BBQ fires, raise district flags, blast silver statues, smash special boulders and superbuild construction.

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