LEGO Batman 2 Minikits Locations Guide

Learn the locations of all 150 minikits in Lego Batman 2 DC Superheroes so you can collect them and earn yourself some nice rewards

Through the fifteen playable missions of LEGO Batman 2, you can collect a total of 150 minikits, with every level having 10 of them. To make things easier, we compiled a LEGO Batman 2 Minikits Locations Guide.

But it’s not as easy as it sounds, as they require use of multiple characters, clever tricks and more. To get the minikits, you’ll need to first complete the campaign, and then play through each mission in Free Play mode for collecting the minikits.

So why would anyone want to go through all the hassle? Well, because collecting minikits earns you vital rewards, such as minikit vehicles and achievements, including the “Minikit Hero” Achievement, which is worth 20G or a Gold Trophy.

For collecting these minikits, you’ll need the following additional characters:

  • Aquaman
  • Cyborg
  • Green Lantern
  • Lex Luthor
  • Man-Bat
  • Poison Ivy
  • The Joker
  • The Penguin
  • The Riddler

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Lego Batman 2 Minikits Locations

Find all 150 minikits in LEGO Batman 2 in the locations specified below!


Level 1: Theatrical Pursuits

  1. Use Lex Luthor’s Deconstructor to pull apart the crashed Batwing in the theater
  2. Use Powersuit Batman to destroy the three tables
  3. Use the Acrobat Suit with Robin to climb up the poles on the right of the auditorium
  4. Use Superman to destroy the lock on the gate, and then use Cyborg to pull down the bike on the shelf. Go up the ladder and shatter the glass with Man-Bat. Use Joker to get electricity and play the piano by looking at the series of notes on the pipes on the wall.
  5. Use Lex Luthor’s Deconstructor on the wall to the right of the castle, and have the Joker add electricity to the panel. Get on the horse to get the kit.
  6. Go through the door behind the dragon’s tail to find the kit behind the glass.
  7. Shatter the glass in the center of the room with Man-Bat and melt the gold coins with Superman
  8. Free the water with Superman or Mr. Freeze, and climb up to get to the left side balcony
  9. Use the Acrobat suit with Robin to get up the right side of the room above the stairs.
  10. Break the 3 green windows during the fight with Joker.

Level 2: Harboring a Criminal

  1. Break the picture to the left of the stairs in front of the theater.
  2. Hit the 5 Zatanna signs around the entrance of the theater.
  3. Destroy the spotlight near the award poster and build a bike from the bricks. Ride it and follow the stud trail.
  4. Find one behind the tower spiral on the left side of the theatre.
  5. Find another behind the tower spiral on the right side of the theatre, at the very top.
  6. Break the spotlight in the parking lot corner on the right of the theater.
  7. Shoot 2 rollercoaster cars while chasing Joker.
  8. Destroy the 4 cars in the parking lot.
  9. Use the bumper car when in the parking.
  10. During the fight with Joker, build the ramp on the back of the flatbed truck. Then destroy the clamps on the bulldozer, and use it park it on the back of flatbed truck.

Level 3: Arkham Asylum Antics

  1. Blow up the silver statue next to the Power Suit Pad.
  2. Use Lex Luthor’s Deconstructor on the gate left of the entrance to the maze. Destroy gold panels on the wall, and use Green Lantern to put together the pieces, which will roll a bowling ball and reveal a kit.
  3. Use Lex Luthor’s Deconstructor on the gate right of the entrance to the maze. Use Poison Ivy’s Flower Bed. Switch to Joker and deactivate the console. Use someone with super-strength (typically Superman) to open the container.
  4. Use the Bat Suit on the adjacent glass surface wall to the Bat Suit Pad.
  5. Freeze and destroy the 5 fountains within the labyrinth using Superman or Mr. Freeze.
  6. Near the center of the maze is a grate on the floor. Pull both switches on the wall on the left. Use magnet power to drag the blue object out of the tunnel under the grate.
  7. To the far west of the maze are golden lily pads. Destroy them and using Aquaman (or Killer Croc) swim underneath the vines to the other side. Destroy the gold object in the room and build with its remains. Use the two buttons to manipulate the seed down the small maze on the wall. Once you get it to the bottom, a plant will grow. Smash it to get the kit.
  8. Push the lever in the upper-left part of the maze to open an underwater gate. Use Aquaman to swim and get the kit.
  9. South of the maze’s center is an orange handle. Use a super-strength character to pull it.
  10. North of the maze entrance is spiked pit. Fly across and use Lex Luthor’s Deconstructor to disassemble the object. Build with the pieces to create a platform, and use Man-Bat to destroy the glass covering.

Level 4: Asylum Assignment

  1. When Robin goes through the fans underwater, go to the left after the first fan.
  2. Swim up into the room with Killer Croc in it, and flow over him to simply grab the minikit.
  3. Use Aquaman to pull the orange handle on the right end of the flooded passage.
  4. Climb the stairs and go over the railing. Use the Joker and then build a lever. Pull it to raise the platform and grab the kit.
  5. In the room directly above the previous kit, use Cyborg’s magnetic power to open the lock on the door, then Green Lantern to put the pieces together. Go through the hole that is made to get the kit.
  6. In Mr. Freeze’s cell is an igloo to the right. Send Penguin’s dynamite minions into the igloo. Run in and get the kit.
  7. Use the Acrobat suit with Robin to swing on the poles to reach the minikit in the upper right corner, above the TV screens.
  8. Jump off the ledge after passing the X-Ray room, and use Lex Luthor’s Deconstructor on the door.
  9. Fly north of the X-ray area to a patch of flowers. Have Poison Ivy use Flower Bed and enter the green house to find the kit.
  10. Spray water on the Joker-face graffiti, using Aquaman to obtain the minikit.

Level 5: Chemical Crisis


  1. After Superman teams up with you, search for five small fires. These aren’t as big as the flames which need lots of water to be extinguished; so, Superman’s Freeze Breath should do the job.
  2. At the third checkpoint, on top of the roof, you’ll find give golden cabinets which you can smash open. In the first area, there are three of them (one on the wall above and two on the ground) and the rest are on the other side; one being near the power switch and one to the far right. Get the minikits by destroying all the cabinets.
  3. Look for the golden pipe cover above the green chemical vat and destroy it to get the minikit.
  4. Blow up the silver pipes next to the purple chemical vat and pull down the lever. Hop on to the vent close by to get the minikit.
  5. From the previous minikit, move to the right and you’ll see some black objects next to the water vat. Break them down and re-construct the pieces. Then, get the minikit by pulling down the orange bar.
  6. Get the minikit form behind the silver laser fence after you cross the huge chemical vats.
  7. Get rid of the toxic slime at the beginning of the checkpoint, and shoot to see black covering on the wall. Break it down and smash the first gift box. The second gift box can be found by turning on the power outlet on the right and opening the vault cover. Get the third gift box using Robin’s Acrobat Suit.
  8. Turn off the electric field and then examine the vine using Poison Ivy to get this minikit.
  9. Fly to the chemical tank on your right and you’ll find a golden support base. Smash it and assemble the pieces using Green Lantern to get this minikit.
  10. At the beginning of the checkpoint, pull the lock and you’ll see a glass floor panel. Make the ball move to the exit using the color pumps. Smash the ball once you make it out and get the minikit.

Level 6: Chemical Signature

  1. Destroy the billboard above the Juggernaut truck.
  2. Destroy the second billboard above the truck.
  3. Shoot three taxi cabs.
  4. After the magnet path appears, use thermal vision on the back wall where the mechanical arm was.
  5. Melt the golden ‘L’ shape on the left door.
  6. Walk up the blue pipes and go to the right. Use Poison Ivy to get through the flower patch and hit the robot on the other side.
  7. Use Lex Luthor’s Deconstructor on the back wall on the rear side of the Juggernaut.
  8. One kit is hanging off the Juggernaut’s front bumper. Fly down or hang off the railing to get it.
  9. Use Superman to melt the gold plate on the Juggernaut’s front window.
  10. After the Batwing makes a hole, enter it and go to the room with spinning beams on the ceiling. Fly up to the center and get the kit.

Level 7: Unwelcome Guests

  1. Use Lex’s Deconstructor on the circular panel in the center of the room.
  2. To the left side is a flame around a bat symbol. Exhaust the flames to get the kit.
  3. One is located above the Batwing. Fly with Superman above to get it.
  4. Use Superman to melt the gold plate on the ground under the Acrobat Suit.
  5. Destroy 3 Joker canisters during the vehicle sections.
  6. Shoot 3 Joker cards in the second part of the cave. One of them is located behind a silver wall to the left. Use Penguin’s dynamite minions to destroy the wall.
  7. To the right side is a golden wall. Melt it to get the kit.
  8. Use Lex’s Deconstructor on the on the door left to the T-Rex. Fly into it and use Man-Bat to shatter the glass.
  9. After the T-Rex gets activated, shoot the gold object between the T-Rex’s legs.
  10. Destroy the rocks on the right in the final cave, and have The Riddler open the box.

Level 8: Destination Metropolis

  1. At the start of the mission, smash the golden patterns right in front of the jet to get the minikit.
  2. After entering the jet, smash both of the metal chests to your right and use the pieces to make a switch. Get the minkit by pulling down the switch.
  3. After taking care of the chopper, deconstruct the two black item and two walls. Get the minikit by stepping on both of the switches.
  4. In the jet’s first area, smash the big battery to find this minikit.
  5. In the room with the kryptonite radiation, fly up and smash the glass panel to get this minikit.
  6. Enable the Joker box in the area where you have to take down the enemies with jetpacks. This will unlock the next area, where you can smash the battery to get this minikit.
  7. Get rid of the toxic slime on the lever and pull it down. Then, use Robin’s Acrobat Suit to control the gyro ball machine. Play a mini-game and smash all 10 targets to get the minikit.
  8. In the aforementioned area where you fought the enemies with jetpacks, move to the right and deconstruct the black box. This will give you green pieces of LEGO, which you can reassemble to find the minikit.
  9. Again, in the same area, deconstruct the door to your right and smas the final battery to get the minikit.
  10. Smash the LEGO blocks to the right and reassemble them to create a hovercraft. Use this hovercraft to get the minikit. Get rid of the cover of the minikit by hitting the red circles on the wall.

Level 9: Research and Development


  1. Get the first minikit of this level by melting the golden section of the capsule on the left of the lobby.
  2. Deconstruct the black pieces of the capsule to the right and get the minikit by reassembling them. Then, fly up to the second level and smash the lock on the switch. Flip the switch and smash the containers on the right side of the room. Reassemble the green pieces of LEGO to reveal a minikit where the green machine blows up.
  3. Once you get rid of the kryptonite field, melt the golden outlet cover. Smash the silver piece adjacent to the outlet. Throw a bomb inside the conveyor belts to turn ff the next kryptonite field. Now, turn on the switch after pulling the blue magnetic part, which will switch the conveyor belt’s direction. Throw a second bomb inside to make the silver holders explode and reveal the minikit.
  4. Go to the right to find the first monitor (out of five). Smash it to get a minikit. Find the second monitor by taking the elevator. Smash it too.
  5. Go to the right again and smash the glass cube. Pull the lever to get rid of the covering on the box next to you. Use the Joker to activate it and get the minikit.
  6. Once you get to the upper floor, you’ll find the third monitor. Smash it.
  7. While going to the right, turn off the machines in your path. The second machine has a minikit behind it.
  8. Keep moving to the right and after the third machine, you’ll find the fourth monitor. Go up to the other side to find the final monitor. Smash it.
  9. Use Aquaman to get rid of the sludge then pull the magnetic cover using Cyborg to uncover a minikit.
  10. Once you take down the LexCorp robot, go up to the reinforcement switch to get the minikit.

Level 10: Down to Earth

  1. Shoot the 5 Joker boxes floating in the balloons to get FIVE Minikits – one for each box.
  2. Melt the gold plate on the robot’s foot and then build from its pieces. Take out one of the helicopters to get the kit.
  3. Use Lex to shoot the Joker-bot in the crotch to get the kit.
  4. Get on the left leg and deconstruct the leg joint for another minikit.
  5. After taking out the VTOL, a fire will erupt when it crashes. Extinguish the fire and then go to the foot of the left leg. Use Cyborg to pull the blue metal to create a gun. Shoot down five targets to get the kit.
  6. After blowing up the exhaust port on the bot’s back, use Superman to pull the Orange Handle, and destroy the three turrets that appear: two on the shoulders and one in the center.

Level 11: Underground Retreat


  1. Smash the pile of silver items right at the beginning of this level and pull the level to get the minikit.
  2. Once the big generator is powered up, deconstruct the black wall over it to acquire the minikit.
  3. Once you get to the railway with the active train, go to the furthest right using Poison Ivy. Then, use Batman’s Sensor Suit and go into stealth mode to flip the switch and open the cage. Get the minikit and use Aquaman to remove the graffiti adjacent to the blue cage. Remove the graffiti on the middle platform as well.
  4. In the big station area across the first tracks, look in the vending machine, to the CCTV cameras’ left, above the subway car. Pull the lever using the Sensor Suit and open it. Use Superman’s heat vision to clear it out and get the minikit.
  5. Once the train stops, go along the trail and then fly to the left to get the minikit. In the next switch, there are two more graffitis.
  6. Once you get rid of the black parts and open the gate, you’ll see a lady waiting there. Go up to her and save the citizen, then get the minikit by removing the magnetic door.
  7. After getting to the second checkpoint, get rid of the final three graffitis to get this minikit.
  8. Move to the right and deconstruct the two black boxes. Make a paddle by reconstructing the pieces and push all the way ahead to get this minikit.
  9. After reaching the final checkpoint, continue moving to the right until you come across a blue magnetic roof cover. Open it up and hop in the train car to get this minikit.
  10. Go on the rooftop of the main car to get this minikit.

Level 12: The Next President

  1. Break 5 Lex Luthor signs located in the starting area.
  2. Use the Sensor Suit to get past the security camera and enter the cage.
  3. Deconstruct the TV van on the right side. Then use Green Lantern and to build with the green LEGO blocks inside.
  4. Use Cyborg’s magnetic power to turn the clock hands.
  5. Deconstruct the pillar below the clock to reveal another kit.
  6. Shatter the 3 grates located on the left with Man-Bat.
  7. On the right of the stairs is a statue, and behind its foot is a kit.
  8. Destroy the silver tank under the Wing Suit.
  9. Clean up the toxic sludge on the floor with Aquaman.
  10. Use the Ball Socket with Acrobat Suit (Robin) on the far left side of the roof.

Level 13: Core Instability

  1. Destroy the attacking jeep at the start of the level.
  2. Destroy 10 spotlights located on the sides of the roads.
  3. Destroy a huge Lex Luthor billboard on the right side of the street.
  4. Destroy another jeep that appears. Make sure to destroy this in one go, otherwise it won’t appear again in the level.
  5. Destroy a yellow taxi on the left side of the road.
  6. Destroy the silver key in the hands of one of the statues.
  7. Shoot another Lex Luthor billboard on the left side.
  8. Destroy the 5 purple Joker boxes after knocking the first Joker-bot.
  9. After taking out the second Joker-bot, shoot a helicopter that will appear on the right of the bot.
  10. Knock over 3 different statues. If you shoot the same statue twice, you will not get the kit.

Level 14: Tower Defiance


  1. At the start, break open the gold case using Superman or Cyborg to get the minikit.
  2. Ride the batwing machine to go upstairs and get this minikit.
  3. Deconstruct the blocks to the left using Lex Luthor, then reassemble them using Flash, this will uncover a kit.
  4. Use Lex Luthor again to deconstruct the door next the window opposite to the batwing machine. Go through the it and then deconstruct the batwing in the room to get this minikit.
  5. After the first checkpoint, go around the corner to find this minikit.
  6. Go inside the flower patch to the left of the electrical field using Poison Ivy and smash all four pink orbs to get this minikit.
  7. Wash all 5 Joker faces on the walls. There are three right before the checkpoint and two after it. The last one is in the room where you found the pink orbs.
  8. Use Lex Luthor to deconstruct the black wall on the far side of the area.
  9. Destroy the boxes on the second level of the structure to the Joker-bot’s left.
  10. Look for the blue hole in the corner to the left and spray water into it using Aquaman. This will make the minikit come out of it.

Level 15: Heroes Unite


  1. Pull the orange lever on the left to get the first minikit.
  2. Shoot at the gold plate in the middle of the Joker-bot’s head to get this minikit.
  3. To the left, go to the silver canister and build the grapple by it. The canister will open up when you use the grapple, uncovering the minikit.
  4. Extinguish the five fires on the ground to get the minikit.
  5. Active the electrical panel on the right using Joker to illuminate the Wayne sign. This will give you a minikit.
  6. Open the purple box behind the Joker-bot in the left corner using Joker to reveal this minikit.
  7. At the corner to the far-right, behind the hand of the Joker-bot, you’ll see a purple box with slime in front of it. Clear the slime using Aquaman and open the box using The Riddler to get the minikit.
  8. Smash the silver box to the right using the Penguin. Then, make the control panel and use it with Batman. This will spawn ten robots, all of which you need to shoot to get a minikit.
  9. Fly over the Joker-bot using Superman and shoot at the gold panel next to the helicopter and get the minikit.
  10. For the final minikit of the game, use the Electrosuit Batman on the panel behind held by the Joker-bot. Once it falls down, pull out the two panels using the grapple. Jump on the panel that opens and pull the orange handle. Once the slime comes out, clean it up using Aquaman and get the minikit.

Congratulations! You have just found all 150 Minikits in LEGO Batman 2! Enjoy the rides you just unlocked!

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