Legends of Runeterra Regions Guide

This guide focuses on all the regions you can choose in Legends of Runeterra and how each selection alters your gameplay for better or worse

Finally got your hands on the League of legends inspired card game? If so you will come across the Regions system of the game. In this guide we try to offer you the best explanation of the Legends of Runeterra Regions system, leveling and rewards, and how to change a selected region.

Legends of Runeterra Regions

The regions in LoR act as achievable card decks, which are divided into categories based on type and specialty of the cards in that deck or in this case the region.

You can combine different regions to form your deck, however there is a limit of one region that can be active at any given moment.

The Regions

Shadow Isles: This region will have you work with sacrificing cards to revive them later in the game.

Noxus: You will be using card specific abilities to deal damage heavy attacks, a region full of Damage Intensive cards.


Piltover & Zaun: With cards from this region your focus will be on discarding and drawing cards to buff up your other cards and dealing damage, this region has a high risk/reward ratio.

Freljord: Freljord has cards that benefit you from surviving damage so you can deal heavy hits later in the game.

Demacia: A spell heavy region full of magic cards and ‘detain’ which allows an ally to capture a unit.

Ionia: With cards from this region cards your focus will be on stunning or recalling units to strengthen your other cards.

Leveling Up a Region and Rewards

The game allows leveling up to 20 for each region, ranking from bronze capsules with common cards to diamond chest with rare champions and units.

To level up a region, all you need to do is have it active while you are playing the game, weather you fight against the A.I or other humans, experience points will keep on going to your active region.

The EXP goes to unlocking a weekly chest as well as level unlocking rewards. A good way to get EXP for your regions is through daily quests.

Changing Your Active Region

This is quite simple once you do it your first time. All you need to do is go to the rewards option on the left side of your game client, there you will find an option called, “Change Region”.

This will give you the option to select which ever region you want from a list, just check off on your desired region and click on the “Activate” button, to start leveling up that region.

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