Legendary Pokemon Lugia Is Back For A Limited Time In Pokemon Go

If you have not heard then you would be really glad that you came across this news here, because Pokemon Go has brought back one of its rarest legendaries for a limited time. The legendary pokemon Lugia is back from today 16th March until April 2.

The news was made official on the official website “pokemongolive” as well as a Tweet was made that confirmed the return of the powerful psychic and the flying type pokemon Lugia. According to the information provided he will appear in Gyms across the globe, so gather your strongest party to take on this rarest legendary Pokemon before it returns to the sea.

For those who think that they may be able to take on this pokemon, a word of advice to those guys. You guys already know that Lugis is a tough nut to crack in Pokemon Go, on top of that he is bringing a very own new move for his visit. This new movie is known as sky attack and apparently, you are going to need a lot of friends to take this beast down.

For those who are interested in knowing why this pokemon has returned, of course, other than the obvious reasons, we think that, because he stars in the new Pokemon movie that is arriving in Japan coming July, the company decided to reintroduce him.

That said, this game Pokemon Go is a very addictive game which reached such a level of popularity that the Chinese government banned the game. Over the concerns that this game was a potential threat to national security and that people lives and property had been endangered, go figure.

Whats hilarious is that many politicians had been caught playing this game, like the Norway prime minister who was caught playing Pokemon GO. Which was very much discussed in the media as well.

So once again reminding you that the legendary Pokemon Lugia has returned and will be available from 16th March until 2nd April.