The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Songs Guide

Learn how find and learn every song available to you in Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time when playing the game on Nintendo 3DS

Songs in Ocarina of Time are used to warp you to a dungeon, to get you an item, fight an enemy, and much more. Some of these songs are necessary to finish the game while others aren’t needed but having them helps so why not help us get you these The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time Songs.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Songs

Bolero of Fire
Location. Go to the top of the Death Mountain Crater as the adult link, when you’ll go to the Fire Temple…you will learn this song. It is used for warping you to a dungeon.

Epona’s Song
Location. Go and speak to Malon at the Lon Lon Ranch after you leave the Hyrule Castle. Then play the ocarina. If you will play this song while standing next to a cow, it will give you Lon Lon Milk.

Minuet of Forest
Location. This song is learned automatically as you enter the Forest Temple as the Adult Link. It is used for warping you to a dungeon.

Nocturne of Shadow
Location. Once you are done in Water Temple, go to the Kakariko Village as the Adult Link. This song is also used for warping you to a dungeon.

Prelude of Light
Location. Once you have finished the Forest Temple, go to the Temple of time as the adult link. It is used for warping you to a dungeon.


Requiem of Spirit
Location. This is automatically learnt once you enter the Spirit Temple and leave it as the Adult link. It is used for warping you to a dungeon.

Saria’s Song
Location. Once you’ve met Princess Zelda, Link will travel to the Lost Woods. Find Saria in there. While you’re going through the Sacred Meadow, you’ll find her. It nets you a piece of heart in the forest.

The song will be required in Goron City, so that Link can play it for Darunia, who will give Link the Goron’s Bracelet. Link will also have to play the song to Mido in the Lost Woods, so that he may pass towards the Forest Temple.

Scareecrow’s Song
Location. Play any song once you find a scare crow at the Lake Hylia. It will let you summon the Pierre Scarecrow, at 13 different locations throughout the Overworld and in the Dungeons.

Serenade of Water
Location. Explore the Ice Cavern, and then it will be automatically learned after you defeat the miniboss. It is used for warping you to a dungeon.

Song of Storms
Location. Play the Ocarina in front of the guy who is next to the windmill in the Kakariko Village. You must be the Adult Link.
This song is used to change the weather (Create a storm in the sky).

Song of Time
Location. It is automatically learned by you after you have found all of the sacred stones. You’ll be able to change the flow of the time. Use it when you’re in the temple of time.

The Song of Time will be needed to open the Door of Time and get the Master Sword. While later on, the song will also be used to make the Song of Time blocks to appear.

Sun’s Song
Location. When it’s night, play the Zelda’s Lullaby on the Royal Tomb and then go inside. (Kakariko Village)

Link will play the song when ReDeads or Gibdos are nearby, which will stun them briefly, and allow Link to land a few free hits. Playing the song will also cause day/night, which can be useful for several quests.

Zelda’s Lullaby
Location. When you have met Princess Zelda in the Castle Garden, talk to the Impa. This is a royal tune; you can use it to prove your royal identity. Moreover, the Lullaby can cause fairies to appear while standing next to a Gossip Stone, and in other locations whenever the Navi goes green. Signposts will also appear to be chopped down if Link uses this song.

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