Left Alive Side Missions Walkthrough Guide

Left Alive Side Quests Walkthrough Guide to help you complete all available Side Missions in Left Alive. During the course of your journey through the game, you will come across several optional objectives.

While you can totally ignore these Side Missions and continue with the Main Missions, we do not recommend doing so. These optional missions not only award you with several rewards for completing them but also carry details about the game’s world that you would otherwise miss.

Left Alive Side Missions Walkthrough

In our Side Missions Guide, we have detailed everything you need to know about completing all available side-quests in SE’s Left Alive. Do note that we are in the process of updating the guide so please bear with us!

Chapter 1

At the start of Chapter 1, you will find some terrified civilians within Novo Slava so you will have to guide them to safety. Some civilians will be held captive so you will have to battle enemies before you can free them.

Bring Civilians to the Shelter
These shelters are marked blue on the map and each one can only accept one to two civilians. This shortage of shelter space will be apparent in the Chapter 6 side mission.

Enemy gunfire can kill the civilians so move around the battlefield carefully. The civilians cannot defend themselves so place them safe locations when you engage the enemy.

Rescue Captive Civilians
Eventually, you will encounter civilians held captive by the enemy so you will have to engage in combat.

Throughout the mission, every civilian you save will appear on the player’s menu and database. Marking the successful completion of the side-quest.

Chapter 2

Approaching Muzzle (Arisa Anishva)
After the event, defeat the two enemy soldiers then talk to Arisa. The Option 1 event occurs once you talk to her. After which, you should shoot the drum can to kill the enemies, who are by the vehicle.

Once they are disposed of, talk to the survivors and then take down the enemies in the shelter.

Mouse Catching (Gemiyan Panikin)
Defeat the enemy soldiers. Use a shotgun to handle the soldier who climbs up the ladder. Talk to Gemiyan and lead him to the shelter. Collect the shovel on your way and eliminate all the enemies and drones in your way.

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