Left Alive Crafting Guide – All Crafting Recipes

Left Alive is a third-person survival-shooter game where players enter Novo Slava in the year 2127 and explore a war-torn world.

You can play from the perspective of three characters and can collect and craft items, use various weapons, ride mechs, and much more.

Left Alive Crafting Recipes

Through the Crafting System, you can combine items to create throwing weapons and traps. We have prepared this Crafting Guide on all the different things you can craft in Left Alive. The Crafting System is divided into three parts.

1. Hemostatic Patch
Recipe: 1x Cloth + 1x Vodka
Stops bleeding and slows down health decline until that happens.

2. Molotov Cocktail
Recipe: 1x Cloth + 1x Vodka
Handmade projectile weapon that explodes upon into flames and set enemies on fire.

3. Explosive Can
Recipe: 1x Empty Can + 1x Explosive
Handmade projectile that explodes on impact and causes damage to any enemies within the radius.

4. RC Explosive Can
Recipe: 1x Empty Can + 1x Explosive + 1x Portable Device
An explosive that can be detonated remotely. Once thrown, press L1 to detonate it.

5. Enemy Sensor
Recipe: 1x Portable Device + 1x Sensor
Detects enemies in cover within the area it has been thrown through.

6. IED Landmine
Recipe: 1x Empty Can + 1x Fuse + 1x Explosive
Handmade landmine that explodes when an enemy steps on it.

7. RC Mine
Recipe: 1x Empty Can + 1x Explosive + 1x Fuse + 1x Portable Device
A landmine that can be detonated by pressing R1.

Crafting Tips

You will have to maximize your resources since ammo is very limited on the battlefield. The game has a weight limit to the number of things the player can carry.

Therefore, it is recommended that you weigh the item you are crafting first before creating it.