LeakMania: Diablo 4 Plans To Take The Franchise In A Different Direction

Jason Schreier of Kotaku after recently having words with some former and current employees of Blizzard has gathered some news about Diablo 4. Or at least what the company may be planning for it, seeing as how the game hasn’t started its proper development yet.

After the disastrous reveal of Diablo Immortal, Blizzard and Activision’s damage control included confirming Diablo 4. This was without a doubt to calm down the angry fans who weren’t pleased with the mobile game reveal.

Schreier’s investigation did unveil a few details regarding the actual core development of Diablo 4 itself. Particularly around when it may have actually started.

Back when fans received the devastating news of the cancellation of Diablo 3’s second expansion, that was actually a development shift. Supposedly the team that originally worked on Reaper of Souls was told to shift their attention to what might be their fourth installment.

If this is true, this would mean that Diablo 4 may have been in development since 2016. Though if that’s the case, how much was it hindered by the production and release of Immortal? The game that nobody wanted.

The project of Diablo 4 was dubbed “Fenris” and sought to take a different direction from 3. Instead, wanting to go back to the vibe that Diablo 2 had, of embracing the darkness. Dark themed dungeon crawling basically.

Another interesting detail that was leaked was that Diablo 4 was being developed as a third person game, with over the shoulder perspective of slashing. Sort of like say God of War or maybe even Warcraft? Another Blizzard game that has somewhat done just that.

A combination of a third person perspective with the combat style of Diablo would definitely be interesting. Sort of reminds me of Final Fantasy’s Crisis Core game. One that combined turn-based ability management with real-time third-person perspective combat.

However, an over the shoulder perspective dodn’t work out for the game ad Blizzard scrapped it in favor of the Isometric gameplay.

Fenris also opted and indicated for a social MMO like vibe. Most likely similar to what Destiny had to offer, seeing as how Blizzard and Activision are merged.

Monetization from the potential Diablo 4 was also a topic that was the center of some concern for the company. Not referring to the selling cost, but rather how they can continue making money from the ongoing development. Cosmetic microtransactions maybe?

Overwatch, another Blizzard giant, hasn’t had much of an issue with its monetization. Seeing as how the game only needed to be paid for once but is still played today by the same people that bought it at launch.

Hopefully, Diablo 4 is what the fans can use to wash their mouths of the bad aftertaste the Immortal has left behind. A bit soon to say though, since Immortal hasn’t released yet.

The cancellation of Diablo 3’s second expansion was indeed devastating yes. Especially because the Reaper of souls expansion had revived the otherwise dead game from its disastrous launch. If Diablo 4 can make up for that, Activision Blizzard can most likely regain the stocks that Immortal lost them.

A Diablo 4 release date isn’t confirmed as of yet. Only that it exists and is in development for the forseeable future. Hopef,ully the kickback from Immortal may have sped up the process.

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