Leaker Gives Insight Into Crackdown 3 Delay, Might Be Getting Delayed On Purpose

An apparent leak on Reddit has given insight into the big Crackdown 3 delay that has kept one of the Xbox One’s most anticipated games from releasing on time. The delay might actually be deliberate in an effort to have the game keep pace with current trends, though there’s no proof.

Crackdown 3 will be the long-anticipated third entry to the Crackdown series, an open-world action game where you a play a super soldier of the enigmatic Agency that is restoring order to a city overrun by gangs. While the first game became a cultural icon, the second game was not nearly as successful for a number of reasons.

Crackdown 3 promised to be everything that Crackdown 2 wasn’t, with destructible buildings, mayhem, and more. However, despite the game’s projected release date of November of last year, the game has been repeatedly delayed. But now we might just have a reason for exactly why it was delayed.

Apparently, the game has been kept in development in order to make sure that the Crackdown IP stays relevant in the future. It could have been released in November, but a “big voice” in Microsoft (that is assumed to be Phil Spencer himself by the leaker) prevented it from being released, leading to the big Crackdown 3 delay we face now.

Along with stopping it from being released, Crackdown 3 also got a big budget increase, likely helping the game to polish itself up more and to make itself look better when it’s finally allowed to release, including adding more features to Crackdown 3’s two different game modes.

While we don’t know if Crackdown 3 will even be shown at E3, hopefully the Crackdown 3 delay will be coming to an end soon and we can actually get around to playing the game that Microsoft and Xbox seem determined to keep from us.