Leaker Gives Out Elden Ring Trailer Info, World Information, Voice Actors

Fans of Elden Ring have been whipped almost into a frenzy by the leaking of an internal trailer for Elden Ring, alongside rumors that a trailer is supposed to come out at the end of this month. The leaker recently took to Reddit to give us some Elden Ring trailer info.

We haven’t heard much about Elden Ring other than it will apparently be an open-world game that includes mounted combat. The leaker, named Longqi bangbangtang, has given us a bit more information about the game’s setting through his info. However, the trailer is also old, so things may be subject to change.

The trailer, for one, is for internal use only, meaning only people in the studio were supposed to see it. It’s also similar to the Project Beast trailer, which was eventually released as Bloodborne years ago. Various things will likely change before the game releases (which Longqi claims will happen this year, despite official information saying otherwise) similar to Bloodborne.

Among the world facts in his Elden Ring trailer info, Longqi says that there will be an enormous tree known as the World Tree. This tree is just in one kingdom however, and will not connect to the world like the classical myth. The giant who in the trailer is pulling a wagon is apparently based on The Green Man, a figure from Celtic mythology.

The narrator to the trailer may sound familiar to some people as well, as he apparently is the voice of Patches, who has been a recurring character across From Software’s Souls games and Bloodborne. If that’s the case we might have to watch out if he’s around any holes.

Whether or not Longqi’s Elden Ring trailer information turns out to be true or not, hopefully there actually will be an Elden Ring trailer coming at the end of the month, and hopefully From Software will give out an update so that we can stop speculating.