Leaked Trademark Shows What Might Be The Xbox Scorpio Logo

A leaked trademark that got posted on Reddit has shown something that might very well be the Xbox Scorpio logo, though there’s no confirmation yet. While the trademark is made out to Microsoft Corporation, there’s no telling if the trademark is actually legitimate or not. We’ll have to see what Microsoft says.

The logo, if you can’t see the picture above, consists of an S with a slash through it. That’s it, nothing that even really identifies it as a Microsoft console or a member of the Xbox family. This is unlike the Playstation 4 Pro, which is just the Playstation 4 logo with “Pro” tacked on to the end.

This could be an early-concept logo (though if it’s the one Microsoft is going with why would they trademark it?), but there’s also the possibility that the so-called Xbox Scorpio logo is fake for the reasons stated above. If it’s an Xbox console, unless that’s only a part of the full logo, Microsoft would do at least something to advertise that it’s an Xbox.

Not to mention the logo also seems to have a fairly high bit of aliasing that makes it look a bit too jagged for an official logo, unless it’s the screenshot dragging down the resolution. While it looks official enough, until Microsoft actually shows off the Scorpio at E3 this year.

Microsoft has had a “Project Scorpio” logo out for the past year ever since the Scorpio made its first initial appearance at E3 2016. While it’s kept that up until now, there’s no telling if Microsoft is actually willing to streamline the logo into something else.

Either way, you can find an image of the logo linked above. In the meantime, we’ll have to wait until E3 starts and Microsoft actually shows us the Scorpio before we can draw any real conclusions.