Leaked Pokemon Sun And Moon Concept Art Reveals Starter Pokemon’s Evolution

Leaks and rumors are nothing new to be surprised about these days, as it is become a norm of the game industry to leak information before its officially revealed. This time around the leak is Pokemon Sun and Moon concept art showcasing evolution of starter Pokemon, Rowlet, Litten and Popplio.

The leaked Pokemon Sun and Moon concept art Moon depicts the evolution of the starter Pokemon in detail, also the concept art showcases a little peek at their attacks once they are evolved. Checkout the leaked concept art below.

 According to the leaked Pokemon Sun and Moon concept art, the cute little Rowlet will evolve into a giant owl, and has a attack of shooting arrows using his left wing as a bow.

On the other hand Litten, seems to evolve into a two legged Pokemon, which looks like a man who grew up watching too much WWE wrestling. You can clearly see the influence of that in the art work, which showoffs the attacks and it looks like wrestling.

Last but not the least, Popplio seems to evolve into a beautiful seal, and I don’t know that I am the only one who thought that Popplio is a male Pokemon, as in the leaked Pokemon Sun and Moon concept art it looks like a female Pokemon.

What is more interesting is that, people are hating Popplio even more after seeing its evolution, which is by no means official. However, given that how detailed this Pokemon Sun and Moon concept art is, it is hard to imagine that it is fake.

Slandit is the latest Pokemon revealed to be included in Pokemon Sun and Moon, which is a a combination of Fire/Poison-type Pokemon.

What do you think of this leaked Pokemon Sun and Moon concept art? Have I missed any detail? Let us know in the comments.


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