Leaked Emails Might Have Revealed the Upcoming Atari Reboots

Leaks are a routine part of journalism and we get leaked information almost on a daily basis. Not everything is published for our readers due to its authenticity, but sometimes the information is just too interesting to pass-up, even though there is some doubt regarding it.

We all know that Atari has been focusing on Reboots of classic games to survive the hard times. They recently announced Alone in the Dark: Illumination and now have announced Asteroids: Outpost, another unique classic franchise.

If a massive leak is to be believed, a group named “Guardians of Pacman” has somehow got their hands on over 2000 internal emails of Atari.

In those emails, every Atari’s reboots coming in the next two years have been talked about along with a weird dream on which Alone in the Dark reboot is based-on.

Emails are from past two years in which Chairman of the Board and CEO at Atari Frederic Chesnais is discussing reboots with Sarah Ness.

In an email which is from February 2013, just after the company declared bankruptcy Chesnais talked about Alone in the Dark:

” I dreamt I was in the mansion but I wasn’t Alone and it wasn’t dark. I kept expecting the lights to go out or the person I was with to go away but they didn’t. Scared the shit out of me. We should make this into a game. No one will expect it: Alone in the Dark as a Coop Shooter: It subverts all expectations. That’s what makes it so terrifying.”

In another email he had this to say about the beauty of Steam Early Access.

“Why aren’t we making a survival game? They’re all over Steam at the moment. I can’t move for them.  The beauty of it is they don’t even need to be finished to sell on Steam,slap together a map with a half working crafting mechanic and put it on Early Access and write something inspirational in the blurb and submit it to early access. Get on the phone to the guys at Salty Games and see what they can make out of Asteroids or Missile Command.”

Hmm.. I’m amazed at the creativity to slapping a game together. Moreover there’s also a mention of Guardians of the Hood being turned into a cooking game. In the game the hero will try to end the war with “hoodlums” via food, serving them food!

Chesnais has also thought of a name for it, Guardians of the Hood: War and Peas. The company is also looking to make a Max Payne 3 inspired Centipede game.

I believe, the way Atari is making reboots by just slapping together games and ripping off ideas, they won’t be finding much success.

Lastly, these emails look legit but there’s no way of knowing if they are actually from Atari. The group who leaked these emails claim they posted it back on November 25 but failed to gain any attention.

Information as big as this failing to gain attention? It’s a bit hard to believe.

Sarmad is our Senior Editor, and is also one of the more refined and cultured among us. He's 25, a finance major, and having the time of his life writing about videogames.