Leak Suggests That Shadows Die Twice Is A New IP With Souls Elements

A leak about Shadows Die Twice comes from 4chan, where a user shared more information about the upcoming From Software project. Looking at the information.

A lot of discussions has been made around the Shadows Die Twice teaser From Software showed during last year’s The Game Awards. At that time we didn’t know what it was about and we expected it to be a sequel to Bloodborne or something related to the Soulsborne series in general. According to a new leak though, we learn that Shadow Die Twice is a new IP, which bears Souls elements but in a totally different setting.

The leak about Shadows Die Twice comes from 4chan, where a user shared more information about the upcoming From Software project. Looking at the information, the leak is not a minor one and if what it includes is true then we certainly got more than what we asked for.

According to the leak, the game with the Shadows Die Twice teaser will be souls-like in gameplay and atmosphere, but also different by being a lot more open, not having the clear level/Boss design and a more directly told story. Apart from the Soulsborne series, it will draw inspiration from From Software’s old Ps2 game Kuon.

In the aspect of gameplay, the upcoming From Software title will be similar to Bloodborne, but more vicious and brutal. The leak suggests that “It’s a bit less wild, but still fast. Kinda like a combination of Nioh/Bloodborne”. There are skills included, including different melee moves, passives, and magic. It won’t be something grand, like huge skill trees and flashy hack n slash moves, but it won’t be as simple in moves and abilities as Dark Souls.

One more interesting thing mentioned in the leak is that trick weapons will be available but aren’t called trick weapons. Some weapons have 3 forms, others have 2 and there are many weapons that are always 2 handed or 2 part, as there are no side arms or shields.

What about its setting though? The story of the upcoming IP will be centered around an ancient cult, that has been using farmers for their dark rituals since hundreds of years. As they fear the end of the world, they sacrifice people at their shrine of blood and experiment on people. Many of the creatures will be the result of the experiments. It remains unclear for most of the game, whether the cult is really evil or knows more than everyone else. Only a few members are still alive, as the rest has mysteriously vanished.


Last but more important, the 4Chan leak suggests that the “Shadows Die Twice” project will be showcased at E3 2018. Information about its appearance has been given too, indicating that it will have a full-length trailer and some gameplay footage to wrap things up. Hyped yet?

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