League Of Legends Gets The Ruined King This Month

Riot Games will be starting off the new year by adding a brand new champion to the ever-growing playable roster of League of Legends.

During a livestream just now to discuss the 2021 roadmap as well as to kick-off the new ranked season, Riot Games finally revealed Viego, the Ruined King, who was in fact teased last year in more ways than one. While his complete ability kit has not been detailed, the developer did share a small snippet of his gameplay.

Viego appears to be able to take control of an enemy champion and play as them for a brief period. Sylas was until now the only champion to be able to steal ultimate abilities of his enemies and use them against them in the game. Viego though goes a step further by stealing their entire ability kit and which helps make more sense out of his champion tease last year where Riot Games marked him as a “romantic new jungle skirmisher” who will be “twisting hearts and possessing minds.”

Riot Games has not confirmed when Veigo will be releasing but safe to say, players should expect his arrival at the end of the month. League of Legends will be receiving its next patch on January 21. That should be when the Ruined King makes his way onto the Rift.

League of Legends will not be the only game where Veigo makes an appearance. The new champion will be filling the shoes of an antagonist in The Ruined King: A League of Legends Story, a new in-development role-playing game from the same developer where players choose from six League of Legends champions (Miss Fortune, Ahri, Illaoi, Yasuo, Pyke, and Braum) to explore the Shadow Isles in turn-based fashion.

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