League of Legends PBE Update Makes Cho’Gath Bigger

The latest Public Beta Environment (PBE) update has brought major changes for the Terror of the Void in League of Legends.

Presently, Cho’Gath can gain a maximum of six stacks on his R (Feast) which are reduced by half upon death. The ability is being completely revamped to make Cho’Gath more viable the longer a game proceeds.

Based on the new changes, the limit on the number of obtainable stacks is being completely removed. However, any stacks beyond six will only be obtained through kills on enemy champions. Additionally, going past six stacks will reduce the amount of health gained per kill. Most importantly, Cho’Gath will no longer lose his stacks upon death.

The Terror of the Void already grew in size with each stack. With the new infinite marker, Cho’Gath can grow to be bigger than ever before. That being said, there will of course be a limit to how large he can get on the Rift.

An infinite amount of health stacks in the current tank meta of League of Legends will certainly benefit Cho’Gath in many ways. Players won’t even need to invest heavily in tank items. Rather a few will suffice on top of the health stacks. A couple of ability power items in there would also only help Cho’Gath in dealing greater true damage to enemy champions.

R (Feast)
Cho’Gath no longer loses half of stacks on death.
Cho’Gath can now have more then 6 stacks.

Stacks beyond 6 require a champion kill.
Stacks beyond 6 have diminishing returns.

Rank 1 values:

  • Stacks 1-6 = +100 HP per stack
  • Stacks 7-10 = +50 HP per stack
  • Stacks 11+ = +25 HP per stack

Rank 3 values:

  • Stacks 1-6 = +180 HP per stack
  • Stacks 7-10 = +90 HP per stack
  • Stacks 11+ = +45 HP per stack

According to lead gameplay designer Riot Meddler, Cho’Gath should be receiving his new ultimate ability in Patch 7.3 by mid-February. He further added that the changes are “pretty experimental” right now and Riot Games will be closely monitoring feedback from PBE participants. As always, any values pushed onto the PBE are subject to change and should not be taken as finalized.

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