League of Legends Now Drops Honor Capsules More Frequently

The drop rate of Honor Capsules is being adjusted for League of Legends in order to address several complaints regarding inconsistent behavior.

Posting on the official forums, the developer announced the addition of “bad luck protection” to the system. This will ensure that players do not have to wait long before receiving a capsule for their continued positive behavior. In fact, the longest that someone can expect to go following the adjustments is about two months.

Here is how the updated drop rate of Honor Capsules work now:

  • You have a chance to earn an Honor Capsule with every key fragment drop.
  • Your chances for getting an Honor Capsule double each week as you play games.
  • You’re guaranteed an Honor Capsule within two months.
  • Your drop rate resets after getting a capsule.
  • You can only earn one capsule every three weeks.

Honor Capsules are special loot boxes rewarded to players for being a positive force in the community. They were introduced recently after the Honor system was completely overhauled to feature five different tiers. As a reminder, the capsules only drop once a player reaches level three. They always give a handful of Hextech Key Fragments, and sometimes drop champion shards. On rare instances, the loot might also contain a skin shard for the exclusive Grey Warwick or Medieval Twitch skin.

The update is already live for League of Legends. Those who failed to receive a single Honor Capsule in the last three weeks should be getting one now.

Elsewhere, everyone is preparing for the 2017 League of Legends World Championship. The official theme song was released earlier today, while the first batch of matches kick off in just a week.

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