League of Legends’ New Champ Select Delayed Due to Bugs

Originally, the new League of Legends Champ Select was going to be rolled out today i.e. January 13, 2016 but it looks like the developers have ran into some issues with the update. As a result, the new feature has been delayed.

However, do not worry too much since the delay is quite nominal. According to Jeffrey Lin, the Lead Game Designer of Social Systems at Riot Games, the patch will now be released tomorrow i.e. January 14, 2016.

Lin, who is more commonly known for his handle RiotLyte took to his Twitter profile saying that “We’re officially delaying the new Champ Select launch on NA/TR to Jan 14th due to some issues with Patch 6.1.”

Interestingly, even before Riot Games had officially confirmed this, Lin had hinted at a possible delay in the Patch 6.1 launch suggesting that would also delay the new Champ Select in League of Legends when he tweeted “if the patch delays, we’ll have to delay the new Champ Select Launch–it needs the patch to go out!”

However, the delay was not caused by a bug in the new Champ Select feature itself , but some unrelated problems with the overall patch.

In parallel news, the League of Legends champion who was being rumored for his likeness with Handsome Jack from Borderlands has been revealed as Jhin, here are all the details about him that have kept us pumped all night.

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