Tencent Considering League of Legends Movie

The Chinese company Tencent, an entertainment company whose subsidiaries are responsible for making and distributing a number of different movies and other forms of entertainment, is apparently considering the making of a League of Legends movie, after seeing the stellar performance of the Warcraft movie in China. The information comes from the Twitter page of games analyst Daniel Ahmad.

While the Warcraft movie had its share of problems and got mixed reviews, the movie was still fairly successful, especially in China where 75 percent of its revenue came from. As one of the top gaming markets in the world, China’s reaction to the Warcraft movie has apparently given Tencent the motivation to make a League of Legends movie.

League of Legends is huge in China, so a similar incident would likely happen again. However, there’s still the matter of what exactly the movie will focus around.

There’s no real plot to League of Legends, as despite its colorful cast of characters, which range from demons to monsters to mortal heroes, the focus is on the titular League, which was created to mediate disputes between the various nations of the world of Runeterra.

While the plot could easily be something that threatens to upset the delicate balance in Runeterra, there are a number of other, evil heroes that would likely prefer to break free of the League’s control.

The film could even be an origin story for the League, featuring a number of heroes from the nations of Noxus and Demacia battling one another until the League is formed to put an end to the fighting.

Either way, a League of Legends movie would allow us to see some of our favorite champions in action, and if the action can be the same sort of quality as other League of Legends combat cinematics, it may not be a bad thing.

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