League of Legends Loot System Will Help Control Toxicity

Riot Games is introducing a new loot system in League of Legends that will trigger after the end of each match. Loot chests will be provided, some of them will give players temporary access to unlockable Champions while others will have full character unlocks, characters skins and more.

This loot system introduces a key as well that will be required to unlock loot chests. Don’t worry, unlike how such chests/safes were handled in Pay Day 2, Riot will give out these keys for free without making them a part of the microtransactions system.

However, if you are one of those people who actively engage in Toxic behaviour in League of Legends, who will receive the chest but there won’t be any key available to you for opening it. Meanwhile, positive players won’t have any issues getting inside the chest.

Riot said:

We really want the system to be a reward. It’s a new carrot for playing with friends and for being a positive player in the game. We’ve never been able to give skins for free before in League of Legends, so this is our way of saying, ‘Hey, if you’re a positive player in the game, here’s your way of earning something just for playing the game and being awesome.

It’s a nice attempt to reduce toxicity in League of Legends, lets see how successful Riot will be.

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