League of Legends Has Been Modded Into Dota 2

Both Dota 2 and League of Legends have made quite a name for themselves in the gaming community and now, a modder is looking to unite both of these games into one by allowing LOL’s champions to be part of Dota 2.

This new under development mod is named as Defense of the Legends and it will let Dota 2 players choose their favorite champions from League of Legends and play them in Dota 2’s universe.

The creator of this mod notes that all of the champions will be imported to the game in 1:1 which means that their damage, speed and all of their moves will remain the same.

Seems like an exciting mod as it will bring two of the largest communities together at one place, but until we get to play the final product, we cannot be too certain about its success.

The creator however, is feeling extremely confident and is looking to add new maps to the game after he is done importing champions to the famous title.

For more information on this new mod, check out Defense of the Legends official website.

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