League of Legends New Champion Details Leaked

The next League of Legends Champion is coming, and as always this means that the fans are hunting out all the information they can find about him. Some even wonder if Handsome Jack has decided to hop on over from Borderlands to have some fun.

Getting back to the important thing, and that is discussing Jhin and what their abilities are, it looks like some details and images may have been leaked on Facebook, then deleted. Luckily it looks like some fans may have caught the teasers and posted them on Reddit before they were removed.

Below you can see the two leaked images. As you can see, one of the images are artwork for the new character and the other is an in-game screengrab that appears to catch some interesting information about the character.

If these screens are real, it appears that the Champion will use Mana. Which has been said to be confirmed by a “previous Riot employee”:

What do you guys think that ability is? I bet its a piercing shot that goes through all minions and champs.

Edit: Looks like he doesn’t have mana, but rather these larger “bars” (see Ability Preview) *Actually he does have mana confirmed by a previous riot employee. So maybe he has both?

As with all “leaks” we do have to state that these details are speculation, and until we get confirmation that the details are in fact true then they are merely rumours. Even as rumours though I’m sure they are still interesting to fans.

Are you looking forward to this new Champion? Let us know your opinion on these new leaks below.

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