League of Legends: World Championship 2015 Will Be Held in Europe

The League of Legends World Championship 2015 will be held in Europe this October, Riot Games has announced.

Posting on the official League of Legends website, the developer confirmed that it would be following the same pattern of last year’s championship and will break down the Group Stages, Quarterfinals, Semifinals and Final showdown between different cities within Europe.

“Our goal is to bring live esports action to a broad base of fans across Europe and to provide an exciting and diverse backdrop for fans watching at home,” noted Riot Games.

The developer said that it’s currently confirming venues, timing, formats and more, and so it’s too soon to giveaway any exact details. However, it promised to share some of the details in the upcoming months as soon as they are confirmed.

Last year, the grand finals of the game took place in Seoul, Korea. The two world championship events prior to that were both held in the United States.

Source Riot Games

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