League Of Legends Pool Party 2020 Skins Now Available For Select Heroes

Riot Games has released the new League of Legends Pool Party 2020 skins for a select group of heroes in order to celebrate the start of summer.

With the arrival of summer comes (well, would normally come) beaches, sun, surf, and tanning. While we may not be able to enjoy these sorts of things safely with the coronavirus, that’s not stopping Riot Games from releasing the League of Legends Pool Party 2020 skins so champions can get some sun.

The Pool Party skins this year are, like most skins, limited to a certain group of heroes. This year, Heimerdinger, Jarven IV, Orianna, Syndra, and Taliyah will all be getting their own skins, each one showing them having fun in their own way on the beach.

Pool Party Heimerdinger, for instance, spends his time attempting to make the perfect sandcastle…even if they keep getting ruined because Syndra keeps smashing them while playing volleyball.

Jarvan likes to take a break from ruling Demacia by sunbathing on the beach, while Orianna decides to take a swim and Syndra does her best to stop any volleyballs from hitting her friends. Finally, Taliyah exchanges her sand-surfing for actual waves and a surfboard.

As with other skins, the League of Legends Pool Party 2020 skins don’t just change the looks of champions but also their animations. For instance, Heimerdinger doesn’t use missiles on the beach, but flying bottles of rapidly-shaken soda should still do the job.

Jarvan has replaced his spear with a beach umbrella, while Syndra has replaced her orbs of dark magic with volleyballs hurled at high speed. All of this has been announced with an absolutely adorable animation of a group of League’s famous poros having a pool party.

Since all of the League of Legends Pool Party 2020 skins are now available, if you’re willing to part with some actual money or in-game gold, you can pick them up just in time for the summer if any of the affected champions tickle your fancy, or even go for a different skin pack you’ve just earned enough points for.

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