League Of Legends Getting a New Class System

Riot games have given a complete overhaul to the class system of League Of Legends, general categories have been dropped like Support and Assassins, for more refined classes and sub-classes that better define their in-game roles.

According to Riot games these classes and sub-classes should reflect their champions roles, weaknesses and strategic impact on the game.

A full list of classes and sub classes is below

Overall Tanks focus on damaging enemies and disrupt their attacks. Tanks are further divided in offensive tanks called Vanguards and defensive tanks Wardens.

Fighters are light weight and cunning while fighting an enemy. They are further divided in two sub-classes Juggernauts who are suitable for low range or mobility challenging fights. While Drivers are less durable fighters with gap closing ability.

Slayers is more focused on extremely high single target damagers called Assassins and versatile, less mobile fighters called Skirmishers.

Mages has three sub-classes and all of them are focused on high damaging spellcasting. Burst mages are ideal to take out big targets from range with high damage combos, Battle Mages are ideal to take out foes from middle range and damage over time attacks, while Artillery Mages provide consistent support from long range and effect enemies with sustained damage.

Controllers class is all about providing support but that does not mean this class have only bottom level champions. Enchanters focus on keeping their allies alive with weak defensive and offensive capabilities of their own. Disruptors focus on crowd control capabilities and even deal serious damage to its opponents, the only downside to this sub-class is they are very slow and squishy.

Marksmen covers all the abilities of other classes. They are squishy and high damage killing machines, and since they pretty much serve the same purpose, so devs have not divided them into sub-classes.

Riot Games has said that classes or sub-classes will not fit perfectly in one role, these are just guidelines.

No release date was provided for the implementation of this class system to the game. You can check out the official blog detailing these class and sub- class systems further.

League of Legends is a free-to-play MOBA available for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS.

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