Layers of Fear 2 Puzzle Solutions Guide

Puzzles can be tricky in Layers of Fear 2. We have the solutions for all the puzzles for you.

Layers of Fear 2 features a series of the tricky puzzle in every act, each unique and challenging in a different way and each more demanding than the last. You are required to solve and decipher these puzzles in order to progress through the five acts and overall in the game. There is a considerable chance of being stuck on one of these puzzles. Therefore, our Layers of Fear 2 Puzzle Solutions Guide is here to walk you through all of these puzzles and to supply you with tip and tricks to make your treading through the game less irritating and antagonizing.Layers of Fear 2 Puzzle SolutionsThere is a total of 5 acts in Layers of Fear 2, each delivering a number of puzzles and riddles that stand in your way of progressing through the game.The following are all the Layers of Fear 2 Puzzle and Riddles sorted according to their corresponding acts.Act #1 – The UnmooringThe Padlock This riddle is in a poorly lit room with a birdcage in it. The birdcage will be on a table with two lights above it, highlighting it. There will be a turning padlock on the closed gate that requires a three-digit code to unlock.Solution After some time, the ceiling will collapse and reveal a three-digit number above, where the ceiling collapsed.It is 295 or another number written with chalk on the black ceiling just behind the light on the ceiling. Enter it by interacting with the lock to unlock it.

Hanging Chairs This is the area inside the café where tables will be set on top of a circular rotating platform and chairs hanging over the area, tied to the ceiling over it.There will also be white markings on the platform indicating positions for chairs. You have to drop chairs from the ceiling on top of the markings on the rotating platform.Solution Turn the lever on the right wall to mobilize the platform. Then get to the other side of the room behind the platform where a lever and red button are located.The lever controls the platform and the button, the chairs. Stop the platform using the lever when the white markings are beneath the chair, then use the button to lower them onto the platform.The Safe You will encounter this after you crawl through the tunnel and enter a closed area. There you will find a slip with a safe combination on it. Use the combination to open the safe.Solution The combination on the slip is 10>80<40>, in directions as shown. Turn it right to 10 and you will hear a click, then 80 left and then 40 right to hear a click. This will open the safe.

Projector Room You will enter a projector room right after the safe riddle. This room will have an entrance but nowhere to exit from and you have to find a way out. There is a projector and a projection wall there.Solution Go to the projector and interact with it to roll the frames. Through the film, there will come a door that will project on the wall. Freeze it there and approach the door projection and it will materialize. Open it to exit.Act #2 – The HuntEngine Room You will enter this room at the beginning of the second act after you escape the monster by jumping into an elevator shaft. There you will find yourself in an engine room with no electricity and a couple of levers.Solution Rotate the first lever hanging downwards with speeds written on it and a fire hydrant behind it. Turn it sideways to try to restore electricity.Then turn to the side to find a wire that can be disconnected. Remove it, connect it to the lever box with a light on its right, and turn the lever afterward.Projector Room 2 You will find yourself in another projector room in the second act. This one is a lot more demanding than the last. You need to find the key, animate every part of the door through the projector one by one and then enter.

Solution Using the projector as done before, go to the screen with keys and then approach the screen to find a table with a key on it to collect.Now you have to find a screen with frames in it. Once there, release it to let the frame stay there. Similarly, add a door and a knob to it to complete the door on the screen and enter it using the key.Padlock 2 You will find another locked door after you are through with the projector room. This will be a room in the hallway with the same lock as encountered in Act #1 that requires a three-digit code. There are other rooms in the hallway to search.Solution Find a room with a blackboard in it with the inscription, “Here is wisdom.” on it. Rotate it around to find the code on the other side but upside down. It will be 482 or any other number, enter it in the padlock to unlock it and open the door to continue.Gear Riddle The gear riddle will be inside a large poorly lit room. There you will see a system of gears on the other end of the room.There will be a white pattern of lines inside the gear system that needs to be aligned in order to form a circle. There are also three rotating handles on the table that are to be used.

Solution Turn the handles to hear ticking sound to know it is fitted correctly. Learn by trial and error and successfully form the circle.Clock Riddle The clock riddle will be there near the gear puzzle and you will only be able to interact with it after you have done the gear puzzle. In this riddle, there is a number given on the left-hand side of the clock on a digital meter.Solution You have to fulfill that number by moving the clock’s hand and making a sum of it. For instance, if the number is 8, then you have to move the hand to 3 and then 5 to make 8.There are three parts of the riddle. In the last two, you will already be given a number to which you have to add by pointing the clock’s hand to complete those numbers on the left-hand clock.Projector Room 3 The third projector room is at the end of the second act after escaping a monster. You will find yourself in yet another projector room.Solution You have to bring on the frame with a dark rectangle on the left side of the screen. That will allow you access to a ventilation shaft upon approaching it so you can enter. Also, beware if you keep the frames with distorted pictures on, you will die.

The Bathtub Riddle You will find yourself in a bathroom after escaping the flames towards the end of the second act. Here you have to open a door by electrocuting the dummy inside the bathtub.Solution Remove the curtain to expose the bathtub and the dummy inside it. Find the removable electric wire and replace it from the circuit to put it in the bathtub. This will electrocute the dummy drenched inside the tub and allow you to move on.Act #3 – Bloody RootsThe Bedroom Riddle This riddle is a bit trickier as it involves moving through several special dimensions with different settings inside the room.There is a poster on the wall with a portrait on it and an odd teeth piece on it. There also several mannequins and statues in the room that grant access to the various dimensions.Solution Tear the teeth off the portrait on the wall and put it on the mannequin’s face on top of the bed. This will take you to another dimension where you will find a house of cards. Interact with it to retrieve an ace of spades.Then return to the mannequin and interact with it to return to the original room. Then place the torn teeth over the statue of a woman with no arm to enter another dimension.


Here, you will see mannequins’ playing cards and a necklace lying inside a case on the floor near their feet. Place the ace in hands of the mannequin on the left and collect the necklace.Return to the women’s statue previously interacted with to return to the previous dimension. Then place the torn teeth on the mannequin over the bed followed by placing the necklace on a set near the bed.Then return to the mannequin to return to the original room. In the room, there is a wall with a patch on it. Place the torn page there to make a door appear that you can exit with.Rocket Riddle There is a rocket inside the office that is not completed. You have to complete the rocket by collecting three metal pieces from across the room and fit them to it. Then supply it with power and leave in it.Solution One metal piece is just beside the rocket and the rest two in other parts of the room. Find them to complete the rocket and then find the power cable to connect the rocket. Having done that, interact with the socket on the rocket to end the riddle.Shadowed Pot Riddle This riddle is in a hallway flooded with water and objects hovering over it. There, approach the door on the left and peek through the keyhole.This will take you inside the room where a pot placed on a raised object is lighted and shadows move behind it. This riddle is in three part, completing each will activate a keyhole and allow you to move on to the next part.Solution For the first part, turn off the table fan placed in the dark and then interact with the pot to activate the keyhole. Doing this correctly will lead you to the next part of the riddle.For the second part, turn off the table fan and approach the sink to turn its left tap only followed by interacting with the pot. This will activate yet another keyhole.For the third part, turn on a radio followed by turning the right tap of the sink and not the right followed by interacting with the pot.This will activate a light onto the wall that will be black and white for a moment and then allow you access through the light out of the room.Kettle Puzzle The kettle puzzle is activated by entering the kitchen where you will see a large pot or kettle in the middle placed on fire with a stool near it. For this puzzle, you have to find three items to put in the pot to open a doorway for the exit.Solution Search the adjacent area for the three items mentioned above. The first one you will find the next area with a beheaded mannequin placed under a cross and a brain in its lap.Moving on to the left passageway, there is another mannequin. There you will see a cutscene after which you can take the limb from there. Now inspect the right passageway with the dummy. There you will find a mechanical heart.Having collected all three items, return to the pot area and throw these into the pot. Doing this will open a passageway beside the beheaded mannequin under the cross.Act #4 – BreatheFruit Puzzle The fruit puzzle is in the large hall decorated with red spotted linen scattered over the floor and the same color on the walls and the pillars.At the end of the room, you will find a metal gate that is closed. To unlock it, you need to collect 6 fruits from the areas nearby that will open the gate.Solution You will find all these fruits by inspection in the areas nearby. Mostly they will be placed in the dark.You will find on the arm of a sofa, two on two different sofa side tables of white sofas, one on a dining table, another on a pile of books and one inside of a drawer beside a palm table plant.Projector Room 4 The fourth projector room is found while roaming the red rooms in act 4. This time the projector is in the front a large number of mannequins seated in chairs.Solution Approach the projector and interact with it to bring about a frame with a lighthouse in it. Approach the screen when this appears to enter the scene. Upon going in, you will be in a dimly lit red area with mannequins staged around the lighthouse. Wait for the light to circle around and reveal all the mannequins.Approach each one to interact with their hearts. At the end come down to the lighthouse to find a key there. Enter through the door at the base of the lighthouse using the key.Flower under Hanging Hearts This location is where you reach after completing the projector room riddle. Here, you will find yourself inside a wasteland with heart shapes hanging from the net above. In addition, a boat in the middle of the area with a net leading up like the hearts.Solution The solution is fairly simple. There are a number of flower on the ground scattered around the area. You simply have to collect all of them to complete this puzzle and head on.Padlock 3 You will find the third rotating three-digit padlock inside a storeroom with a table sporting bloodstained tablecloth and many other objects. There you will also find a chest with the padlock on it.Solution To unlock the padlock, you need a three-digit code that you will find scavenging around. It will be in the form of three-card fallen on the ground in an order with numbers on them.Those three are the digits in the same order for the lock. It may be 676.X-Ray TV Riddle This puzzle is inside a furnished fancy room with TVs embedded in a cupboard. You are here to free a rat from a cage that is virtually a trapped soul.Solution The screens in the cupboard will be displaying different body parts on them. To complete this riddle, you have to match the body part on the screen. Having done that, reach below the table to find a box. Open it to free the soul.Act #5 – ForeverTwo-Sided Board Puzzle You will reach the location of this puzzle at the beginning of the last act. Here is a dimly lit, decent room with a large hall at the end of which is the board.Solution To complete this one, you have to rearrange the board to find an image. Once found, redo the process to find another one upon which the mirror will shatter to open a passageway. Escape quickly from there to avoid the monster.Vault Door You will find the vault inside the shipwreck. There you have to search around to find a vault door with a turning handle on it. You have to open it and pass through.Solution To open the door, you have to turn the handle in either direction until blue lights light up on the screen. Repeat this process to get three of the lights that will open the vault door. Pass through and move along.

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