Layers of Fear 2 Phonograph Interview Locations ’Full Scope Guide

Phonograph Interviews are one of the few collectibles in Layers of Fear 2. There are six Phonograph Interviews that you are going to acquire from five acts. On collecting all six Phonograph Interviews, you will be rewarded with the “Full Scoop” Trophy/Achievement.

Layers of Fear 2 Phonograph Interview Locations

The Phonograph Interviews are well-hidden and are supposed to be thoroughly searched for. Some of them are easily missable. Therefore, we have curated this Layers of Fear 2 Phonograph Interview Locations Guide.

Phonograph Interview #1
The first Phonograph Interview is given to you by default when you start the game.

Phonograph Interview #2
Act #1: Unmooring
You will enter a room in Act #1 where you are going to see a bunker bed beside which there will be a white cross (x) on the floor. In front of the cross, you will see a table with an open cabinet. Inside the cabinet, you will find your Phonograph Interview kept above a book.

Phonograph Interview #3
Act #2: The Hunt
You are going to enter a farm-type place in Act #2. You have to keep walking until you come across a place where you find a box lying on the floor. Walk to your left from there and you will see a shelf with a box over it.

You have to crouch and pass under the shelf. On your right side, you will see a cell gate that you have to close, as it will be blocking your way. Open back after you have passed through it and enter the cell with the chest. Open in the chest and inside you will find your third Phonograph Interview.

Phonograph Interview #4
Act #3: Bloody Roots
You are going to come in the hallway in Act #4 where you will see a room with a dead guy or a mannequin on a sitting on a chair. Enter the room and look to your left where you will you a desk.

Go to the side of the desk where you will see some film reels. Open the drawer and you will find your fourth Phonograph Interview.

Phonograph Interview #5
Act #4: Breathe
You will be on your way up from the stairs in Act #4 where you will also see a kid. Anyway, continue your way up until you reach a gate that will be slightly opened. Open the rest of the gate and take a left.

Walk until you see a desk on your left side. Walk to the desk that has a hammer, nail on it, and opens the desk’s drawer to find your fifth Phonograph Interview.

Phonograph Interview #6
Act #5: Forever
You are going to reach inside a ship. You have to walk until you see the kid sitting to your left and keep moving forward from there. Climb up to the platform where you see a lamp and to the right side of the lamp, you will find your sixth and last Phonograph Interview on the floor.