Layers of Fear 2 Movie Posters Locations ’Body of Work Guide

Movie Posters are one of the few collectibles in Layers of Fear 2. There are 14 Movie Posters in total. On collecting all 14 Movie Posters, you will be rewarded with two Trophies/Achievements. “Debut” which will be your Achievement/Trophy on getting the first Movie Poster and “Body of Work” is your Achievement/Trophy that you will achieve on collecting all the posters.

Layers of Fear 2 Movie Posters

The Movie Posters are well-hidden and are supposed to be thoroughly searched for. Some of them are easily missable. Therefore, we have curated this Layers of Fear 2 Movie Posters Guide.

Act #1: Unmooring

Movie Poster #1 – Remember Her
For the first Movie Poster, you have to solve a puzzle. Enter the room that has got a lever attached on the wall of the corridor. Pull down the lever and the disc floor with the mannequin and the chair will start spinning.

Go to the other side of the room and push the button that will cause a chair to fall from the ceiling. You have to pull the lever until you can align the chair with the position on the table. After you successfully do it, your way to get the Movie Poster will open.

Go past the mannequin and duck down to get through the partially open door. You will find the Movie Poster on your left, stuck to a wall.

Movie Poster #2 – Double Shadows
Switch the first lever and go past the door. Go inside the bank and walk inside the gate where you have to switch on another lever. Avoid getting under the light and go to the door on your left.

Avoid the second light and enter the hallway. Go to the door on your right and you will find the Movie Poster above the couch on your right side.

Movie Poster #3 – Twelfth Night
You have to make your way from the door that will appear on the screen of the cinema. Go to the end of the corridor where on your left side you have to climb up the stairs to enter a small space.

You have to crawl your way through the end and then hop out and you will find your Movie Poster leaning on the floor to your left.

Act #2: The Hunt

Movie Poster #4 – Hamlet
You will be in a room with a man on the bed and a TV over a tin drum. Switch on the TV and your corridor will change. Walk through the corridor until you see a light at the end of the corridor.

Before you reach the complete end, there will be a door to your right with a combination lock. To open the combination of the lock move a little forward and enter the door to your left.

On your right, there will be a blackboard to which you have to interact and then flip the board. Read the upside combination and go back to the locked door. Enter the combination, enter inside the door, and turn off the gas pipe. Walk inside the room and you will see the Movie Poster at the end of the corridor.

Movie Poster #5 – The Night Fiend
You will be inside a corridor where on your left there will be a kid sitting down on the floor. Walk to the kid, interact with him, and then enter the door to your right.

There will be a cut scene in the room after which you have to walk forward and enter the restroom to your right. The Movie Poster will be above the sink of the restroom.

Movie Poster #6 – Metropolis
You will reach a room where a tower will be blowing fire. Safely reach inside a building and open the door to your right. You will see the Movie Poster above the bed.

Act #3: Bloody Roots

Movie Poster #6 – The Pirate Prince and the Cyclops King
When you are in the room filled with film reels, exit the room, and go down the stairs. At the end of the stairs, turn around. Enter the room at the back of the stairs and you will see the Movie Poster on the wall.

Movie Poster #7 – A Wondrous Voyage
After finishing the puzzle where you have to keep all the heads of the mannequin on the table, turn around and you will see a chest. You have to pull open the chest two times before it opens and reveals the Movie Poster.

Movie Poster #8 – The Tempest
Standing above the cinema, you have to walk to the end of the vent on your right side and you will find your Movie Poster leaning against the wall.

Act #4: Breathe

Movie Poster #9 – The Trial of a Martyr
You will see a pillar in the kitchen area. Stand behind the pillar and move from your right to your left while looking at the wall and a door will appear. Enter inside and another pillar will be there. Use the same method and enter inside the appeared door.

Inside their will be some shelves. Move between the two shelves and you will find your Movie Poster.

Movie Poster #10 – Shizo
Turnaround from the room with the mannequin and enter a white corridor. Walk downstairs until you reach the end and you will see the Movie Poster attached on the wall to your right.

Movie Poster #11 – King Lear
Inside the room with two sofas and a mannequin standing between them, look to his right, and you will see your Movie Poster hidden between two curtains.

Act #5: Forever

Movie Poster #12
In the elevator area, look to your right and you will see a Movie Poster on the wall. This Movie Poster will be a nameless poster.

Movie Poster #13
In the area where the mannequin is shooting money with the gun, go towards him. When you reach near him, you will see a gate to your right. Open it and you will find the poster to your left. Again, the Movie Poster will be nameless.

Movie Poster #14
Go to the room where there will be floating lemons. Keep walking straight ahead and when you almost reach the end, look to your left. You will find your last nameless Movie Poster on the wall.