Latest Steam Sale Deals Feature Huge Discounts

The 11th day of Steam’s holiday sales feature Mark of the Ninja for $7.50, the Far Cry franchise pack for $50, the Mount and Blade suite and Orcs Must Die franchise for $8.75, all Doom games plus additional content up to 75 percent off, and Age of Empires 3: Complete Collection for $10.

The offers from yesterday are still good through the rest of the day, and include all BioShock games for $10, Grand Theft Auto games discounted up to 75 percent, two Galactic Civilizations games up to 75 percent off, both Witcher games 75 percent off, Skyrim and all its DLC for 75 percent off, and Payday: The Heist selling at a brisk $5.

Steam’s holiday sales will last for a few more days, so if you have some extra cash hanging around your stockings somewhere, why not throw a few dollars for some extra enjoyment through the new year?

Via Joystiq

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