Latest Black Desert Trailer Has Megan Fox Driving In A Desert?

The latest Black Desert PS4 teaser trailer celebrating the official launch is ridiculous to say the least and it has Megan Fox in it.

The live-action teaser has Megan Fox, driving a *surprise surprise* muscle car through the desert in search of her true self. Then she suddenly turns around it fades to black,because she has seen something, exactly what? We don’t know. The teaser ends with the Black Desert logo.

Perhaps they thought that like Keanu Reeves appearance in the Cyberpunk 2077 trailer, this too would result in the hype being increased. And since we are reporting about it, this, in a way, means that it has worked.

Megan Fox has shown her love for Black Desert during interviews in the past, so it makes sense for her to star in this short but nonsensical promotional teaser.

Megan Fox and muscle cars is a combination that seems inspired by her successful role in the first Transformers movie. However, the live-action teaser doesn’t feature any sort of reference to Black Desert, leaving viewers puzzled as to the ultimate meaning of this marketing ploy.

The video description reads that Megan Fox is going to find her true self, therefore this could lead up to the the Black Spirit showing up and transforming her into a Black Desert character. This is obviously speculation, so we’ll have to wait until the full trailer is revealed to know how her journey will end.

A Sorceress would be a great fit for Megan Fox–her likeness has already been recreated in-game by many players via the in-depth character customization system, as reported by GamerRevolution.

Black Desert Online is now available on PS4, joining the PC and Xbox One versions. Along with Black Desert Mobile, the franchise now boasts over 20 million registered players.

You can purchase one of three Black Desert PS4 editions: Standard ($29.99), Deluxe ($49.99), and Ultimate ($99.99). Each edition offers additional perks such as outfits and exclusive pets. A content roadmap for the PS4 version reveals that many classes are in the works, along with awakenings that fully change the look and combat style of your character.