The Last Of Us Remastered Can Run Native 4K On PS4 Pro

The Last of Us Remastered will apparently be able to run on native 4K on the Playstation 4 Pro, the second game that has been said to be capable of that.

In case you thought The Last Of Us wasn’t a good-looking game already, it’s setting out to prove you wrong (again). The Last of Us Remastered Edition, the Playstation 4 version of Naughty Dog’s post-apocalyptic drama/action game, is apparently capable of running on the Playstation 4 Pro in native 4K resolution.

While it did already look good running on both the Playstation 3 and the Playstation 4, The Last of Us Remastered having the ability to run on the Playstation 4 Pro will likely sell a few more Playstation 4 Pro units, even if it’s just so that players can see how much better an already beautiful game can look.

Digital Foundry editor Richard Leadbetter talked about how the game normally ran on the regular Playstation 4 with higher resolution shadow maps, but that locked the game to 30 frames per second. The Last of Us Remastered’s standard 60 frames per second will also be improved when running on the Playstation 4 Pro, including a smoother framerate.

The Last Of Us Remastered will be the second game that’s been announced to have Playstation 4 Pro support. The first was a Bethesda game, The Elder Scrolls: Online. As both games feature fairly expansive environments from studios that pride themselves on making their environments look good, it kind of goes without saying, but they’ll likely be followed by a number of other games. For instance, Insomniac Games has talked about wanting to port Ratchet and Clank over to the Pro.

Considering there’s still around two or so months until the Playstation 4 Pro even comes out, we’ll likely get a lot more news on what games will be able to run at native 4K on the console, especially if it’s other games like the Skyrim Special Edition that was announced at E3, or other good-looking games like Prey (if it comes out at some point in the near future).

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