Where Are We With The Last of Us 2’s Development? Naughty Dogs Explains

The Last of Us 2 has been in development for at least a couple of years but it is still in early stages of development, according to Sony Interactive Entertainment. The publisher showed the title at PlayStation Experience 2016 and it yet to reveal actual gameplay footage.

However, the development of the game is going smoothly and according to Naughty Dog, once Uncharted: The Lost Legacy goes gold its team would move to The Last of Us 2, kicking off full fledge development for the latest project. What’s interesting is that Naughty Dogs’ Josh Scherr also gave hope to another Uncharted game. When asked about Uncharted 5, and The Last of Us 2’s development:

Never say never. Right now we’re focused on getting this out the door. And after this is done everybody’s rolling onto The Last Of Us Part II. Who knows what the future holds. We love Uncharted, we’ve got a large fanbase, and the fun thing about this genre is that we have always hinted at a larger world out there beyond the confines of the games you play.

And this is sort of like a little exploration of that. And who knows, maybe some years from now we’ll revisit it, but right now we’re just focusing on getting this done and then The Last Of Us.

Naughty Dog is excited about the game and its story, and there are already of number fan theories about the plot. The Last of Us 2 could appear at Gamescom or PlayStation Experience this year. A Fall 2018 release date might be on the cards. The game will release for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro.

Source: Metro

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