The Last Of Us 2 Sales Outstrip All Of UK’s Top 10 Games

Despite the huge amount of controversy that it’s generated among gamers, The Last Of Us 2 has turned out to be a smashing success for Naughty Dog. The game has proven to be the fastest-selling Playstation 4 exclusive ever. The Last Of Us 2 sales have risen to four million copies in just three days.

That number is enough to outstrip the entirety of the UK’s top ten games sold this week, combined. Combined with God of War, Horizon Zero Dawn, Spider-Man, and Days Gone, the release of The Last Of Us 2 has catapulted Sony into the position of the United Kingdom’s biggest publisher.

Last month, 29 percent of all physical titles sold were Sony-published games, and they counted for 37 percent of the total revenue. June was also the second-biggest month for game sales this year, with 1.24 million boxes of games sold.

Considering that gamers have been waiting for a sequel for The Last Of Us since the game came out back in 2013, and it seems like Naughty Dog hasn’t put those 7 years to waste even if most of them were focused on developing Uncharted.

The Last Of Us 2 sales are also likely a result of the game being delayed multiple times, partially due to development issues and partially because of the coronavirus, since the game was originally supposed to come out in February of this year before being delayed to June.

The success is even more surprising given the huge amount of uproar that popped up when various spoilers were leaked onto the internet, with a sizable backdraft being directed at Naughty Dog for various story-based decisions.


The game is currently available exclusively for the Playstation 4, so if you were a fan of the original you might want to contribute to the The Last Of Us 2 sales and grab yourself a copy right now.

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