Last Remnant Coming To PC

Makers of Final Fantasy has something good for PC gamers this time. Wait, don’t get excited as i am not gonna say that Final Fantasy is coming to PC.

In fact, they have another game named” Last Remnant” for PC this time,which will be available for the download in next 24 hours.The game was originally released for Xbox360 last year, this game is going to rock the PC platform with some changes in the original gameplay.

The cinematic (as can be expected form the designers of Final Fantasy) were awesome and they have been improved for PC this time.The genre of the game is,what i will refer the amalgam of RPG and strategic gameplay.

In Last Remnant players will enjoy the fierce intensity of battlefield with some super details and graphics.The PC version have some interesting new features, these include; giving the player the choice to select Japanese or English voice-overs, improved character animations, the ability to allow multiple leader units to form unions and faster gameplay during battles.

Some other changes that has been made in the gameplay is that the players this time can make unions with multiple leader units and autosave between consecutive battles.

As the  name(Remnant) indicates that the game will have historical perspectives and the battles will be fought on these Remnants as they fall into the hands of bad powers.As mentioned before, game will be available for download in next 24 hours,for its demo and further details visit the official website of the game.

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