Last Oasis Starter Tips and Tricks

For all intents and purposes, Last Oasis is the next big survival game, available now in Steam Early Access. If you are just starting out, these Last Oasis Starter Tips and Tricks should assist you in surviving in the early hours of the game.

Last Oasis Starter Tips and Tricks

Last Oasis is a survival game where you are required to survive using defensive tactics and survival skills! You surely need to keep a few things in your mind to ensure your survival and progress.

The first and foremost thing that you must observe is to stay in the area when the game starts even though you will see more areas on the map. Your main concern in the start should be gathering all the resources available.

You will get a chance to start a quest requiring you to leave the area but don’t accept it. So in the start harvest stuff, farm your fragments, level up your tech and build you base by understanding the game.

The first thing you should unlock in your Knowledge items is the Improvised Bottle as it can store a lot more water than the in the bottle you already have and will make it easier for you to fill the Walker.

Remember than if you cook the cactus in your walker you will get more water than from eating it!

The next most important thing is to go to the Crafting items and unlock the Wood Station and the wooden shafts as you will require these most often to rebuild your broken weapons or other tools.

You must start the unlocking after completing the quest objectives just don’t rush to complete the “Leaving the Oasis” one yet. Once the other objectives are completed, unlock the stuff and then head out.

You can make your Walker move on its own without the need to pilot it. Just pilot it and press H, leave the Piloting area and you can now move around in the walker as it keeps in walking. Pilot it again to put it to halt.

But this trick works in the wind-powered walker only so keep that in mind. In case your walker gets stuck in a place just go to the menu and choose log out to lobby.

It will secure your walker in the place but when you log back in you will have sand in your gears which you need to get rid of in order to explore other areas of the map.

To get rid of the sand, just roam around in the green area of the map and you will see the sand bar depleting.

Water is essential! You need to make sure that your walker never runs out of water so you can respawn on it.

You also need water for yourself so to make sure both the reservoirs are filled up. For that, harvest as much Cactus plants as you can and stack up on these as they are the main source of water.

You need to travel a lot to get the fragments as you will expect to find them in remote places. Another way is killing the Rupus but that will have an effect on your stamina and health. Traveling around is fun anyway so travel a lot, find wrecks and look for fragments in them.