Last Chance to Get 80% off on Batman Arkham City and Asylum GOTY Edition

So it seems like the Batman franchise is going to be among the top deals in town. Siliconera has detailed some of the greatest discounts that the series has seen so far and for all of you who haven’t tried their luck or would want to get the Game of the Year Edition with complete add-ons, now is your time!

GMG has announced discounts! Lasting September 27 to 30; Batman: Arkham City Game of the Year Edition & Batman: Arkham Asylum Game of the Year Edition both shed 80 percent on their real prices. This means that they are now available for $6 (down from $29.99) and $4 (down from $19.99) respectively. Both the offers are for Steam of course.

The discounts are available all over US and EU and all you need to do is give in GMG20-WS93W-R39MD as the coupon code to get these prices.

Other than this the latest game in the series, Batman Arkham Origins has also been discounted from its original price of $49.99. The game is now available at $37.50 after a discount of 25%, this offer also expires on September 30.

Previously, the Season Pass for Arkham Origins was announced for $19.99 as well, in case you wanted to try your luck on 5 different DLCs that the game has seen so far as well as a brand new story. The actual price of the DLCs is $30 and comes with additional skins and challenge maps.

Other deals on MGM include Deadfall Adventures: Deluxe Ed. (Steam) which is available for $40 after a 20% discount, Rise of Venice at $32 after 20% discount and NBA 2K14 for $22.50 after 25% discount. All three of these offers end on October 4, so you better hurry up folks!

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