Lady Dimitrescu Was Originally “More Creature-Like” In Resident Evil: Village

Resident Evil: Village remains to be released but its Lady Dimitrescu has pretty much secured her place as a profound character from the franchise. The reason for that though has more to do with her towering (and voluptuous) design which instantly made her an internet sensation.

Speaking with IGN in a recent interview, game director Morimasa Sato and art director Tomonori Takano surprisingly revealed that Lady Dimitrescu was originally supposed to look very different in Resident Evil: Village. There were concept works in the pipelines to make the countess “more creature-like” and more scary to make her “feel like a boss character.”

“We reused the character model of Mia from Resident Evil 7 and made her wear a dress and hat,” explained Sato. “I thought that this would be enough to give her a ghost-like quality, but we could not make her feel scary. Then, we decided to make the character model much larger. That was the beginning of Lady Dimitrescu.”

“I drew a piece of concept art in which she stoops down to get through a doorway,” added Takano. “That was when I felt that this was going to work out. In the end we felt that a towering woman was the most simple yet powerful thing we could do.”

Lady Dimitrescu and her three daughters have vampiric tendencies as they inhabit a massive medieval Castle Dimitrescu. During the early concept designs though, even this was supposed to be something different. “The original concept was a castle populated only by women,” noted Sato and Takano while adding that the castle started out being a nest for a hundred witches inside. That however was a bit hard to implement in the game.

The final idea is still close to the original concept though. “All the enemy types inside the castle are female. With Lady Dimitrescu as the cult’s guru, we have created this hierarchy of women. Men have their blood drained by these women, so you could say it’s the opposite of Dracula.”

Resident Evil: Village officially releases for PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Series S, and PC on May 7, 2021.

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